Spring Into Action with Brooke

As most of you know, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. It comes up frequently in my blog posts as clothing/fashion directly relate to body image and self-esteem. I’ve shared my experience with Excess Skin removal surgeries and I’ve been featured on several online publications.

I don’t say this to “name drop” or brag… but quite the contrary! I speak/write of my weight loss often 1.) to be accountable to myself and never forget where I’ve been and 2.) to be completely honest about the struggle of the journey.

My struggle with weight has been chronic since age 8.

And though I’ve maintained my loss since 2010… I still struggle. I still fluctuate.
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Arm Lift: 1 Year Later

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that I’m a plastic surgery enthusiast. This is, however, out of necessity and not necessarily vanity. In the wake of losing 100-lbs I was left with so much loose skin I sometimes feel as though I’ll never be rid of it all and that my transformation will never be complete.

After a wonderful experience with my Tummy Tuck and Boob Job, (and incidentally, even though it wasn’t planned, my nose surgery) I was SO excited to have the skin from my upper arms cut off. I was completely fearless about it and honestly, was so anxious for the surgery that I kind of obsessed over it. Financially, the tummy tuck took a lot out of me. Other “life’s a B!tch” finances happened too and, well, it had to be put on the back-burner. It would be 5 years in between surgeries before we could finally afford to take the plunge and schedule the surgery I’d been dreaming about for years. On September 17, 2015 I checked in for my 3rd (but not my last…) cosmetic procedure.
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Khaki hem

I’m not a Khaki gal, really. I rarely wear them. I’m a denim gal 95% of the time. When I do find the perfect fitting pair of khakis for .99 cents I usually run into this:

Short girl problem #013

Such is life. A cut is definitely in order.


Turning my khakis inside out I measured 3″ from the original bottom hem. I’ll be hemming them “up” another inch (4 in total) so, this is why I left 1″ of extra room. I marked them with a water soluble fabric pin and cut.


Then, I measured the 1″ up from the new raw edge and pinned.


If I’m doing this hem for a client, I usually run the raw edge under a serger to keep it from fraying. When I hem for myself I take the lazy way out. I swear I should’ve named this blog “The Lazy Seamstress” instead… Hindsight is always 20/20.

Under the needle ya go.

On dressier material, I favor the blindhem stitch. On denim and khakis, a simple straight stitch is appropriate.

My hem 🙂
The original hem.

They look pretty darn close!

Much better!


I dare say it’s a perfect length. Recognize that no sew rafash from last year? 🙂 Yes, yes I do wear my creations over and over and over again (until I get bored with them).


I’m getting fat again (No, I’m NOT pregnant!), so I’m nipping it in the bud with some fresh fruit!


As a formerly obese person, I can’t afford ANY extra weight. 6lbs can easily turn into 60lbs for someone like me, let’s be honest.

It’s a good thing I love fruit 😉 …and I have to admit, I like these khakis too. I’ve had them for quite a while. I recently found them in the back of my closet and decided, why not? It’s good to have at least one non-denim pair of slacks, right? 😉