Biggest Loser Reject

All good things come to an end, as they say.

Well… bad things come to an end too. Thank God.

My marriage to Muffin (what I formerly and once affectionately referred to my ex-husband) is legally dissolved.

In the wake of what’s transpired since December 19, 2016 (My D-day… known lingo to a not-so-elite group of chumps) I’ve done a crap ton bit of soul searching, which is probably needless to say.

“Accidental Seamstress”, like my marriage, is dead. “Biggest Loser Reject” is born. Instead of focusing on ReFashions and Upcycles, this blog will now focus on my true passions: Maintaining a healthy weight, nutrition, fitness, Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery, …and probably a post or two about life after marriage to a textbook narcissist.

Thank you for supporting my humble DIY fashion blog up until this point… I hope you’ll stick around for the new format/style.

~Miss Smith



Identity Crisis

Yesterday, I did something that I had never ever done before in my life: I mowed my yard. After Number 3 provided me with several training sessions on how to properly do this, I felt confident to finally do it all by myself.

I woke up fairly early on my Independence Day off and decided to tackle this chore before it got up to a thousand degrees.

With a sense of accomplishment I methodically filled the gas tank; I primed it; I checked the throttle; I held the handlebar down; and lastly, I pulled the stringy thing with triumphant force.


I pulled again.


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Spring Into Action with Brooke

As most of you know, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. It comes up frequently in my blog posts as clothing/fashion directly relate to body image and self-esteem. I’ve shared my experience with Excess Skin removal surgeries and I’ve been featured on several online publications.

I don’t say this to “name drop” or brag… but quite the contrary! I speak/write of my weight loss often 1.) to be accountable to myself and never forget where I’ve been and 2.) to be completely honest about the struggle of the journey.

My struggle with weight has been chronic since age 8.

And though I’ve maintained my loss since 2010… I still struggle. I still fluctuate.
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Rhinoplasty: 1 year later

Life happens, as they say. For me, life happened on February 26, 2015 when I had an accident that caused severe trauma to my nose. Surgery was the only option to correct the damage.

Today, on the one year anniversary of my surgery I’ll tell you briefly about the accident, my recovery, share some “After” pictures with you, and give an update on the functionality of my nose.

I’m categorizing this as a “Plastic Surgery“; however, it’s just a little different than my others because this surgery was medically necessary and not relative at all to my weight loss.  If you’re considering a Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, or if you have no choice in the matter (deviated septum, trauma, etc.), I hope you’ll find this post helpful. Continue reading

A Blog-tember Guest Compilation

Popular in the blogosphere at the moment is the #BlogtemberChallenge. Maybe you’ve been participating; maybe you follow a blog that’s participating; maybe you have NO IDEA what the heck it is 🙂 My friend Sylvia at Her Kitschy Majesty has been participating in this daily blogging/writing challenge. If she/her blog sounds familiar, that’s because she participated in Refashion Runway with me. When I said I made some great friends from that experience, I wasn’t just being polite 🙂 Sylvia and I (and others) really hit it off and continue to keep in touch outside the realm of that challenge. This is what I know about the Blogtember Challenge from Sylvia:

” Blog-tember is a blogging challenge created by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog. It’s a fun assignment with an everyday writing task, aiming to get the bloggers up close and personal with their audience. ”

One of the assignments is to have a guest post on your blog and Sylvia asked ME to be the guest post on her blog for this particular assignment. How could I not oblige? 🙂

I wracked my brain at first… what could I write about? And then it hit me: Just be true to the challenge!


Since I’m 29 days behind, I decided to just pick a few of the daily assignments that I found the most interesting and make a compilation of sorts. So, let’s do this already!

26- Reading; 25-Music 20- guilty pleasures


In school I despised reading. I would do everything I could to avoid it until quiz time and then, dangit, I had to read it lest I fail the stupid quiz. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that someone was telling me to read that made me not want to 🙂 Yes, I’m that kind of person. I don’t like being told what to do aged 33 or pre-teen. Ironically, now, I LOVE to read. I’m currently getting through the “Harry Potter” series and I’ve made it to book 6, “The Half-Blood Prince”. Before I tackled that series I read some thrillers by Mary Higgins Clark. They’re super easy reads and I can pound them out in a day or two. Before that I read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” (LOVED it!) and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” (HATED it!). So, as you can see there’s no one “style” I gravitate toward. If it sparks my interest, I’ll read it.


My favorite song at the moment is “Oceans” by  Hillsong. It touches me in a way I can’t justly put into words. I’m also a HUGE fan of the band Queen. I’ve worn out every CD I ever had of their’s from playing it so much. Also, I’ll unashamedly belt out some Broadway show tunes in my car. Again… no one style. I like it all 🙂

Guilty Pleasures

I have a slight addiction to coffee… I drink it black in the morning with my breakfast (or in the evening with dessert). Any other time of the day I like it sweet, milky, and decadent. My best friend is a manager at Starbucks and she “hooks me up” with drinks on a regular basis. I don’t know if that makes her a true friend or just an enabler 🙂 Either way, I drink a LOT of coffee. I drink it so much that once a year, for a whole 30 days, I will go on a caffeine detox to cleanse out my system.

“Sex and the City” 🙂 I lol-ed when I read Sylvia’s original blog post on HER guilty pleasures because SATC was one of hers as well. Is it any wonder why we’re friends? I watch the PG-13 rated cable version (not the R rated HBO version) because I don’t have HBO and, secondly, because I really don’t enjoy watching anything explicitly graphic (sexually, violently, perverse language, or otherwise). I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times and every time I watch it I always try to figure out who I am in the fab four… it always seems to vary, ironically, between Charlotte and Miranda. Figure that…


To finish up my blogtember compilation, I thought it only appropriate to pay it forward, so to speak, by including a short list of my favorite bloggers:

Jillian Owens, The Refashionista. Her blog is THE blog that inspired me to refashion. Not only did she help me view it as a way to save money, she also broke down some of the prejudices I had about thrifting and helped me look at it in a positive way instead of a negative one. If it weren’t for Jillian and her “366 Day Challenge” I would never have started to sew. “Accidental Seamstress” would be non-existent.

Brooke Birmingham from Brooke Not On a Diet. I Love the title of her blog. It says it all. As someone who’s personally battled with my weight, I know the struggles are real. It’s not just about the number on the scale (even though it sometimes is…), it’s about goal-setting… having realistic expectations, yet not being afraid to dream big… Most importantly, it’s about making it a fervent passion to love yourself in your victories and failures… I found her blog when she “Started a conversation” by refusing to put on a shirt for Shape Magazine and I’ve been following her ever since!

To conclude, I just want to thank Sylvia for asking me to be a guest post on her blog! I’m looking forward to reading the last of her #BlogtemberChallenge posts!