Refashion Runway 3

Summer 2015, I had the privilege and honor of competing in a friendly sewing competition. The “Refashion Runway” is a fun online competition amongst DIY fashion bloggers. Much like Project Runway, there are X amount of competitors who are given a sewing challenge to complete in one week’s time. Their before and after photos are submitted, published, and voted upon by their peers and the general public. One competitor is eliminated after each challenge until there’s one refashionista left standing.

The brains behind this fun competition is Beth Huntington, The Renegade Seamstress. More than likely, you already follow her blog or you’ve pinned one of her amazing tutorials on pinterest. Maybe you own her book. Yes, she’s is a published author #Jealous. Not only can she refashion with the best of the best, she’s just super, super nice. I’m amazed that I made it through the audition process to even be selected to compete this season.


Below, are the weekly challenges I created for Refashion Runway.

Challenge 1: Floral & Geometric or Stripes

Challenge 2: Gingham

Challenge 3: Tote, purse, or clutch

Challenge 4: Maxi Skirt or Dress

Challenge 5: Boho Chic

Challenge 6: Asymmetry

I was eliminated from Refashion Runway after the Boho Chic Challenge. For all of you who followed me throughout the competition and took time to vote, Thank you! Your votes kept me in the competition until the very last challenge 🙂 On September 5th the top 3 refashionistas were announced: Gema and Kara tied for second place and Sarah was named the winner.

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