Accidental Seamstress

Long after my battle with obesity and before I became part of the 50% of us that experience a failed marriage, I devoted much of my time to another popular statistic: ReFashioning.

From 2012 to 2016 I scoured thrift shops like it was my job. I’d purposefully look for clothing I knew 1.) would be fairly easy to reconstruct into something else, as I was a pretty lousy seamstress and 2.) would be the cheapest piece of clothing I could possibly find. I had a very strict rule of spending $1 or less on each article of clothing.

The sole purpose for this newfound “hobby” was simple: Save money. At the time, I was married to a very financially irresponsible man but I chalked our situation up to “normal” newlywed adjustment, instead. (The first year of marriage is always the hardest, right? We’re in this together, right? Marriage is all about compromise, right? Every woman buys her own wedding rings, works 3 to 4 jobs, donates plasma, and pays all the bills, right?) I loved my husband deeply and just assumed we’d get through this temporary rough patch with a fun story to tell… Sadly, we never got out of that cycle and the story is anything but funny.  It would take me 5 years to realize that my ex-husband was so much more than just “financially irresponsible.”

In spite of that, I did have some fun with my sewing endeavors. I was even involved in a National Online Blogging Sewing Contest and did pretty well. Below, are some of my refashions during that 4-year time period.






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