Rhinoplasty: 1 year later

Life happens, as they say. For me, life happened on February 26, 2015 when I had an accident that caused severe trauma to my nose. Surgery was the only option to correct the damage.

Today, on the one year anniversary of my surgery I’ll tell you briefly about the accident, my recovery, share some “After” pictures with you, and give an update on the functionality of my nose.

I’m categorizing this as a “Plastic Surgery“; however, it’s just a little different than my others because this surgery was medically necessary and not relative at all to my weight loss.  If you’re considering a Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, or if you have no choice in the matter (deviated septum, trauma, etc.), I hope you’ll find this post helpful. Continue reading

Me vs You: Faves of 2015

First of all, I just want to say thank you to all my readers and followers. As trite as it may sound, my blog would mean absolutely nothing without you. You could be doing a million and one other things of your choosing… yet you take the time to read my blog posts. I truly appreciate it 🙂

Secondly, Happy New Year!

I’ve noticed a trend amongst professional and “humble” bloggers alike: Compilation posts. Collages from my favorite bloggers are showing up in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds and I’m enamored with with their talent and creativity like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen their work. So, being the copycat that I am, I thought I would do the same.

I’d like to share with you my favorite refashions from 2015 🙂 Continue reading

Priya Dansko Shoe Review

Hey, guess what? It’s Spring! Sure, I may have the heater in my office cranked on right now. Yes, it’s gloomy & rainy at the moment… but Spring IS here. And Spring in Indiana is beautiful.

My favorite part of Spring are the smells; love the smell of rain, lilacs, and freshly mowed grass. Ahhh…

Oh, and the shoes!

I know, I know. I digress.

Goodbye, Winter boots. Hello, Sandals!


This season’s model is the lovely Priya Sandal.

As you may know, I purchased my first pair of Dansko’s last summer. I was suffering from raging Plantar Fasciitis and I’d heard excellent reviews about Dansko shoes from other bloggers. I invested in “Prima” and I’ve been hooked on Dansko ever since.  If you’ve ever had a foot ailment, you know the struggle is real and that the investment in comfortable shoes is worth its weight in gold.

Here’s what I love about my new Priya Sandals:

Arch support
Arch support

Most sandals or flip flops have a flimsy and FLAT sole for your feet to rest. Not Priya. The arch support is amazing, and the sole is made of cork to give your feet that cushion they so desperately need.  Think about it. Our feet bare the weight of our bodies all day, every day… That’s a hard job!

Better yet, the cork is also firm. It helps stabilizes your feet for proper alignment with the rest of your body. It’s miraculously firm and cushion-y at the same time.

Proper alignment is good

Okay, moving on.

Memory foam cork


That cork also has a “memory foam foot bed.” You can see the indentations where my toes rest. These sandals will conform to your foot shape. Like any really good quality shoe, it does take a day or two to “work” these in. Once you do, though, they fit every little indentation & curve of your foot perfectly.

Something else I really like, is the bottom of the shoe.

Bottom grippers


Though these aren’t technically defined as “slip resistant” shoes, the jagged foot bed helps grip the ground underneath you.  I’ve worn these shoes in the rain (which has been ALL Spring so far in Indiana) and I’ve not slipped once 🙂

Side vent


You can see a better closeup of that arch support & the cork here, but there’s also a “vent” where my thumb is. That’s nice because this is yet another way these shoes are custom to your feet. I have super small feet but they’re a little bit wide, and I have a bit of a cankle situation… all that to say, this vent helps make the shoe larger to accommodate for the larger parts of your feet, should you have any 🙂

I’ve worn these out and about for weeks testing them out and I honestly don’t have a single complaint.

I chose them in this fun wine color but they’re available in orange, blue, black, and other neutral colors. They can be dressed up or down, and they “go” with just about everything.

Like, an Easter dress.


Or, out and about for a casual day off


They’re amazeballs with skinny jeans and completely work appropriate.


You can just wear them as a “slipper” around the house.


As you can see they’re quite versatile. And, these are just a few of the reasons why I like them (functionally speaking).  I haven’t even mentioned the vain, girly reasons why I like them: Like, they’re just really cute, and I’m mad about that “gladiator” look the uppers have going on!

I’ve gone 2 Summers without wearing a sandal. So, I’m extra excited about these shoes! Thanks to Dansko’s Priya, even I can have cute shoes that don’t kill my feet.

If you want to check out their other sandals, mosey on over to their website. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

2014 In Review

I don’t necessarily make “resolutions” for the New Year; however, I do try to make goals… Resolutions/Goals…Tomato/Tomahto. Does this make me a bit looney? I guess they’re the same thing… I don’t kill myself when I inevitably break a resolution 2 weeks into the New Year. Maybe that’s why I call them “goals.” It’s less official.

I don’t know.

What I DO know, is that a blogger friend of mine got me thinking in a completely different way. She reflected on all the wonderful things that happened to her in 2014 and wrote a beautiful post about her year in review. It inspired me to do the same thing:


In 2014 Hubs and I, most notably, moved out of our super nice (but small) condo and into our dream home! That’s something we’d been wanting to do for a while, but couldn’t. This (last) year it happened and it happened because Hubs and I both are flourishing in our jobs and, well, the Lord’s been really good to us.

We celebrated 3 years of marriage, and took a much needed vacation to Florida!

Early in the year we were sitting on the couch, completely snowed in thanks to a series of Polar Vortex (Vortesi? Vortecies?…) and a cutesy Pampers commercial came on. I turned to Tim and said, “Can I tell you a secret? …I’ve got ‘the fever’ and I really do want to have a baby. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.” He smiled and said, “I’ve been thinking about it too, sweetheart.”  So, we’re gonna do what we can to have a baby 🙂 That was a big decision for us, for several reasons of which I’ll spare you, but there it is.

I celebrated my 10 year reunion *gasp! It was actually really fun to visit campus and vicariously relive yesteryear and reconnect with people that were such good friends & mentors.

I met several awesome people through work/Hubs/blogging/networking; people I never would have met had life not taken me in certain directions. I may not have actively chosen those paths for myself, but they happened for a reason and, ironically, my life is better for those reasons! Ain’t that a kick in the head? 🙂

I lost 11lbs., which is not necessarily something I needed to do but I wanted to do just to feel better. And, I do. I feel amazing!

Our family is all happy & healthy.

We are so blessed in so many ways… so much so, that this post doesn’t even do it justice! 2014 was a really good year. 2015 certainly has some big shoes to fill 🙂

I’m looking forward to 2015, most certainly. But, I think 2014 deserves its accolades too. Thank you, Brooke for putting it into perspective for me.

Dansko Shoe Review: Romy

I love my new shoes from Dansko so much that I just can’t contain myself. I have to write another review. The shoe du jour is this hot little numba called “Romy.”

hero_1603787800After I purchased my first pair of Dansko shoes a couple months ago, I was completely hooked. I could not believe that a shoe could look so cute, and be so comfortable on my feet.  I thought it was a fluke, so I decided to try another pair 🙂 I chose this boot from Dansko’s new Fall “Naples” line.

There’s no way ALL of their shoes could be this awesome, right?


It’s not a fluke because Romy is just as comfortable as Prima is.

With the holiday season already underway, I’ve been working more 12-hour days as a result. I’ve even been promoted as a Seasonal Manager at my 2nd job. This translates to more work hours and, i.e, more hours on my feet. So, I’ve definitely had a chance to put Romy to the test.

I’m happy to report that she passed 🙂


Romy has a 2″ heel; however, it’s a wedge heel. I, personally, find that easier to walk on for extended periods of time than a traditional/”high” heel for example.  There’s a rubber cushion on the bottom of the sole, so I’ve not had any issues with slipping 🙂 I’ve worn Romy for my 12-hour work days several times now, and I’ve not had a problem with my feet hurting. For someone with Plantar Fasciitis, that’s actually a really big deal. Before I invested in  Dansko shoes, I would be limping by the end of my shifts. When I wear Romy to work, I don’t limp at the end of my shift. That’s an awesome feeling.

You’ll also notice that Romy has a velcro flap closure at the ankle. This is nice because it let’s you “customize” your fit. I have really small feet, but my calves and ankles are apparently quite disproportionate to my foot size… so, luckily I can loosen them up to fit my cankles when I need to thanks to this velcro feature 🙂  On the negative side: when I first wore Romy (and I mean RIGHT out of the box), the velcro would come undone anytime I walked up or down a set of steps or stairs or even when I’d switch my foot from the gas pedal to the brake while driving. That was a bit annoying at first; however, they no longer do that. I’m convinced that since the material is a very fine/high quality leather it just needed to be “broken in.” And, even then, that didn’t take very long. Literally, the next day when I wore them, I didn’t have that problem. They molded to the form of my feet and freak cankles and fit perfectly. It’s like they were made for Laura’s feet.

I chose the Brown Nappa Leather finish because, well, my husband liked it 🙂 I really wanted to get the slate kid suede but Hubs talked me out of it. He figured the Nappa leather would be easier to maintain, especially with the impending awful winter weather. I still like the slate kid suede finish. And, the black finish is pretty sweet too! 🙂 But, the brown nappa leather IS super easy to clean with just a damp cloth… it’s been rainy and icky in Indiana and these have survived the terrain with panache.  I like that the Brown nappa finish has a “Menswear” look to it. I’m really into Menswear right now. And brown goes with everything. I can honestly wear these shoes with ANY thing in my closet.

I wore these shoes on a photo shoot with my blog photographer. We walked ALL over the place during this shoot and my feet never once began to hurt. We were also walking through the woods, up hills, in the wet, bumpy grass and I never once struggled to walk. I’m truly amazed by these shoes. I have a few pics from said photo shoot so you can see Romy in action 🙂

Peach Kimono refashion
Guffey Acres Scarf



Navy Blouse refashion

In summation: I love Romy 🙂 She’s my new homegirl. I’m going to just keep accumulating Dansko shoes and writing about how much I love them. If you haven’t tried them yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so whether you have perfectly healthy feet or not. Dansko shoes WILL give you happy feet, regardless.

This is a Sponsored Review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photos are all courtesy of Nedra Hollingsworth (c).