Refashion Runway Sewalong: Swing Tunic (?)

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a Maxi Dress kick as of late… My Velvet sewalong, Awards Night No Sew, and Me Made May Maxi Dress are just a few examples. Β That’s not even counting the ones I’ve worn and not blogged about! Leave it to me to be 6 years behind the curve… So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was drawn to this piece.


This sucker was only .50 cents. I absolutely adore this color combination and I thought I would adore the dress as-is… Unfortunately, I do not.

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Refashion Runway Sew Along: Velvet

Did you guys hear the news?!?! Refashion Runway is back and Season Four is an All Star Edition. My friends Gema and Marisa from my season are back and so are several favorites from seasons past. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for week one, which, spoiler alert… is velvet!


This very heavy velvet wonder has been in my stash for nearly a year. Though it doesn’t translate well in the pictures, it has sparklies all over it. I thought this would make a lovely dress for the holidays, and I happily purchased it for only .99 cents.

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“Vine and Dine” Inspired Blouse

Today, unfortunately, I conclude my vacation series 😦

The good news is, this may be my most favorite refashion to date πŸ™‚

Sorry, this is a bit of a “tripod fail”…

I’ve had this dress all Summer and I had a bit of refashioner’s block… until I got THIS in the mail:


This was one of my prizes from my participation in Refashion Runway a few months ago. Beth, the Renegade Seamstress and author, personally gifted all the participants this book. And it’s awesome πŸ™‚

One of my favorite refashions she does in this book is the “Vine and Dine” dress. She does a lot of great stuff to that dress, but my favorite part is the cold-shoulder sleeves! I had to copy it πŸ™‚

I began with a chop


I cut this scrap at one of the side seams to get 2 panels of fabric.

These panels are going to be my new sleeves

As for the rest of the refashion, I followed my own steps. Keeping that in mind, I don’t feel bad sharing my processes with you (as they’re mine and not, er, “Plagiarized” for lack of a better term).

I finished the 2 raw edges on each of the 2 panels of this scrap fabric (that cutting them apart left behind).

Iron, pin, straight stitch

Then, to give them the open “cold-shoulder” effect, I top stitched the bottom of the sleeves.

Super tight (satin-y) zig zag stitch connected it together nicely.

Now, I have to sew the sleeve into the garment.

Pin sleeve in to the armhole right sides together

Now, this is a “cold-shoulder” sleeve (in case you forgot…), so I left a gap at the shoulder seam. That made the pinning process a little trickier than it typically is with sleeves… but I got it to match up perfectly!

How about THAT!

I absolutely love this blouse, you guys. To finish my shirt, I just gave the bottom raw edge a rolled hem.



I took a LOT of pics of this one, y’all. I just love it so much.


I also decided to wear it with the zipper closer in the front πŸ™‚



This is such a fun blouse. I never would’ve made it had I not been inspired by Beth’s “Vine and Dine” dress from her Refashion Handbook.

My tan is looking good πŸ˜‰
Me and Muffin sharing a smooch. It was our anniversary, after all.

Thank you again, Beth for the Refashion Handbook! I might not have ever made this Vine and Dine Inspired Blouse


I can’t think of a better way to finish my Vacay refashions than with my most favorite refashion EVER!


Refashion Runway Challenge 6: Asymmetry

I’m a big fan of asymmetry! I’ve used it several times before in my refashions; most recently in my Floral/stripes refashion of Challenge 1. I’ll be honest… I didn’t think I would make it this far in Refashion Runway… So, when I was working on that first challenge I used a LOT of asymmetry thinking, “Well, it doesn’t matter since I’m not making it to the Asymmetry challenge anyway…” So I had to brain storm another Asymmetrical look for this final challenge…Go figure πŸ™‚
Luckily, I found this Donna Karan item from her 2014 line and I fell in LOVE with it!
It’s fairly simple looking but I think it’s SO classy and elegant at the same time. I knew it would probably require a lot of material so when I was hunting for my before piece, I kept that in mind… and I couldn’t seem to find any solid colored item that met that or my .99 cent budget requirement… until I found this:
Awesome medallion print… Not so awesome embellishments πŸ™‚
Yes, it has a print when I was hoping for a solid… but I love the print. I have a weakness for prints; the weirder and funkier the better. This dress was already my size, but the skirt was very gathered at the banded high waist, so I knew when I took that out, I would probably have enough material to make my inspiration piece. So I literally dissected every single piece of this dress apart.
The only piece of this dress I left in tact was the back panel (far bottom left in the picture above). It had french darts to give it a peplum effect. I simply seam ripped them out for a more blouse-y fit and used that as my pattern for the new front panel I was going to create.
I started with one of the existing front panels and trimmed it on an angle … Because of the print of this fabric, I didn’t think the asymmetry would come through, so I added scrap material from a previous refashion (Tulip Back Blouse). I cut that pink/floral fabric on an angle as well and kept sewing pieces of it and the black print together. Once I had a big piece, again, I used the original back panel as a pattern, evened it all out, and then made another big angular cut across the front.
Obviously, I’m gonna trim things up…
There were 4 panels of fabric in the skirt. I used 2 of them to add most of the length. Of course, I added them on an angle. I used my homemade dressform to double check fit. That right seam is a bit wonky… so I had to polish that up a bit. I used a serger to sew all these panels together.
Close up. The piecing is not too bad!
All that’s left now are the finishing touches: I cut an asymmetric V neck and to tie the 2 fabrics together a little better, used more of the pink scraps to make a binding around the raw edge. I finished the arm and bottom raw edges with a rolled hem.
I’m not trying to be cute when I say this, so I hope no offense is taken but it has an Asian look to it, I think. I don’t know how else to describe it. I think these 2 materials are quite lovely together πŸ™‚
The material is super flowy and lightweight. I love how the wind catches the bottom hem.
How about those awesomeΒ Dansko shoes! Birthday present to myself πŸ™‚
Ohmygosh, my face! πŸ™‚ So, confession time: Despite the fact I have an Awesome Blog photographer, for my Before and Afters I take all my own pictures with a tripod and my camera timer. I would love to pay Nedra to take all my B&A photos but, as I’m not a professional blogger yet, I take all my own pics trying to be as artful and creative as I possibly can… and I HATE it! πŸ™‚ It is SO embarrassing! I hope and pray to God nobody sees me. But they do. I always get a photo bomber. There’s always a million cars that drive by, and bikers, and neighbors walking their dogs, and couples out for a stroll… I just wanna die. I imagine that’s why I have that pained expression on my face.
I obviously used a filter on this, but the sunlight was too pretty not to have some fun! πŸ™‚


I got eliminated from Refashion Runway this week… But Participating in itΒ has been a great experience! It has challenged me so much and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Beth (who can say they know the “Renegade Seamstress” I mean, come on) and the other bloggers involved. I had no idea when I was chosen that we’d all become such good friends. This was so much fun. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Thank you for keeping me in the competition as long as you all did with your votes. You’re awesome!
If you haven’t started to follow the other competitors from this season (Irene, Kathy, Sylvia, Marisa,Β Gema, Kara, or Sarah), Do it! Follow them right now. All these ladies are amazing and inspirational!