Complete cop out sweater

No sewing required today, folks!


I saw this at my favorite thrift store a few weeks ago. The tag said “S” and “Rue 21” on it. Translation: Super small Junior’s sized dress that will not fit me. I assumed that I’d be doing some serious tweaking to this one. I envisioned cutting off the extra small bodice and making a poncho or something out of the remaining skirt portion; however, I tried it on for my before picture and was quite amazed that it fit…

I did not expect that. Sweaters are stretchy and forgiving and that’s the only reason this garment intended for teeny-boppers fits over my curvy figure. So, heck! I’m going to leave it as-is!


It pairs nicely with my Prima Dansko shoes (that I wear with just about everything Fall through April).


I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m still not feeling 100% yet. I’m lazy just about all the time any way when it comes to sewing… but I’m going to use that as my excuse this time πŸ™‚


I’ll be sharing more info on my surgery a little bit later. I’m absolutely fine; healthy as a horse (so to speak). And in no time at all I’ll be back at the sewing machine.

It’s nice to have a break once in a while πŸ™‚

Easy No Sew times 2

When I say “No Sew” I mean ready off the rack. This is probably best categorized as a “Consignment Shop Wonder.”

In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Shirt and Jeans. CSWs πŸ™‚

That’ll be $2

As you can see, this met with tragedy right off the bat. A coffee malfunction prompted me to go home and change within the first 2 hours of wearing this. Thank God coffee washes out… and it didn’t get on any of the white. I honestly don’t even know why I bother wearing white at all #Klutz

After it all washed out, this turned out to be a new favorite

Visiting with my 100 year old Grandmother

She is the definition of “True Grit”! Seriously.

3 generations of awesome.
3 generations of awesome.

Hubs and I even entertained in our new house for the first time!

Sidebar: I wonder how long I’m allowed to keep calling it our “New” house…

Still not completely finished...but we're getting there
Still not completely finished…but we’re getting there

Our furniture isn’t here yet but I got all the curtains made/hung πŸ™‚ I published a tutorial on those a while ago, but I didn’t mention how I made the top and bottom hem. I will finally publish a tutorial on that soon.

DIY frames & mirrors from my Nanny & Papaw’s SUPER old pictures.

Our patio was even ready to entertain for the fourth!

11692736_10153422732749643_2894414212792528267_n - Copy
We can see the fireworks very nicely from here.

Like, seriously, I wear this shirt all the time…

11659550_10153055781546985_655323337698450610_n - Copy
Caught in my addiction…

Not to be whatever, but my nose looks amazing in this picture! Dr. Shadfar did me good! πŸ™‚

My niece gave me this necklace :) #LoveHer
My niece gave me this necklace πŸ™‚ #LoveHer

Going to work, visiting Grandma, entertaining outside, drinking coffee… this shirt and jeans combo is a winner. No sewing required! Sometimes, I just wanna throw something on, ya know?

Hope everyone had a great 4th!


Plaid CSW

It’s been a busy Spring at the Hargrove household: I had my surgery, our middle son is graduating & we’re planning his open house, Muffin’s been closing on the sale of houses, and a lot of other things have been happening. I’ve not been in the mood to sew much lately.

When I saw my favorite local consignment shop was having its “End of Season” sale, I immediately stopped to look.

Purple tag items: $2

A Consignment Shop Wonder, CSW πŸ˜‰

Confession: I kinda have a love/hate history with plaid (it’s a long story, but we’ll just leave it at that). I’m also a little obsessed with lace. For $2, I couldn’t pass up this ready-to-wear item that had my 2 favorite textiles in it.

Short sleeves :(
Short sleeves 😦

I still refuse to wear short sleeves… My vanity just won’t let me do it. So, Β I just took my seam ripper to the thread that held this cuff in place.

Bye, bye, bye sleeve.
Bye, bye, bye short sleeve.

This added a few extra inches of flabby arm coverage.

Yah, longer sleeve!
Yah, longer sleeve!

NOW, my $2 shirt is ready to wear for a busy Friday that started bright and early at my Surgeon’s office for my one month check-up.


Dr. Shadfar thinks my nose is looking good enough to put on his website portfolio! But there’s still some swelling so it won’t be for another few months. To help said swelling subside, he gave me a steroid shot IN. MY. NOSE… I don’t remember that being part of the deal! Or maybe I was too doped up on Percocet to recall that conversation… regardless, it was a little uncomfortable. What can ya do? The Dr. “nose” best πŸ˜‰

Later that evening we went to my middle step-son’s high school graduation ceremony.

Feeling old is really sinking in right about now.
Feeling old is really sinking in right about now.
Nose bleed section selfie with the Hubs... and very bored grandson
Nose bleed section selfie with the Hubs… and very bored grandson πŸ™‚

After Stewart was handed his diploma, we waited for him outside on the grassy knoll.

Merrik and Papaw "Teem"
Merrik and Papaw “Teem”
Nice, kitty.
Nice, kitty.


The graduate and proud Papa!
The graduate and proud Papa!
...and the ornery younger brother.
…and the ornery younger brother.

I never thought I’d be a step-mother to 3 boys, or a step-grandmother by the age of 29 when I married my sexy older gent. But, I love these guys! I’m so proud of all my “kids.”

Dr.’s Visit CSW

I had this day’s appointment with my Surgeon scheduled weeks in advance. We were going to discuss an Arm Lift that I’ve been waiting 5 years to have done πŸ™‚ Thanks to Job #2, extra commissions at Job #1, birthday/Christmas gifts, plasma donations, and extra income here and there from commissioned sewing jobs I’m ready to make the investment in this procedure!


For my appointment, I was going to wear Part 2 of my Blazer to Vest refashion. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed something easier to slip in and out of. I was going to be examined in ALL my glory to Dr. Bergman. I didn’t want to spend 10 minutes getting in and out of button downs.

I grabbed this pullover sweater I bought at Psi Iota Xi for .50 cents instead.

Consignment Shop Wonder… ish

No big whoop. Just a comfy, green sweater that brings out my eyes…and my gynormously newly broken nose.


Thursday morning I donated plasma, like I’ve been doing off and on since 2010. I went to work afterwards, like I’ve always done. An hour or so later, I’m showing sergers to a customer and I got very light-headed. Long story short: I blacked out, collapsed, and ran into a wall on the way down.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor and the customer was calling for an ambulance on his cell phone. Paramedics arrived a bit later (I don’t know how long…I was pretty out of it) and took me to the hospital.

This hospital bed was my home for 3 hours

Not knowing exactly WHY I fainted, I had to undergo a plethora of tests. The Doc’s conclusion: Dehydration & low blood sugar resulting from my plasma donation. Weird.

And embarrassing.

And, it happened the day before my scheduled appointment with Dr. Bergman.

Waiting for Dr. Bergman. I think my new “accessory” goes well with the green πŸ™‚

So, not only did we discuss having my arm lift, we talked “nose job” while we were at it πŸ™‚

I broke my nose pretty bad on the tip (top). My septum is completely deviated to the right now, and I can’t breathe out of my nose at all…(especially not fun while I’m brushing my teeth…) That might change when the swelling goes down. Β Time will tell.

So, here’s my recap of February, if I may:

1.) Stomach Flu

2.) Jerk backs into Muffin’s car & drives away leaving US with the $900 bill


3.) Fainted, broke my nose, and God only knows what the hospital bill is going to be!

February 2015 is going down as the worst month ever, I think.

On the upside… I AM having my arm lift. I’ve scrimped and saved and worked my A$$ off (pun intended) and I’m going to have that done, dangit!

On the downside… I’ll be working 2 jobs for the rest of my life to pay for all the “life’s a B!tch” expenses that February decided to throw our way.

Can’t rely on Plasma donations to help because that would just be kinda stupid, wouldn’t it? πŸ™‚

C’est la vie, I guess. It could’ve been worse! I could’ve broken my neck or something! So I’m going to Thank God that I’m healthy as a horse; that these customers were with me when it happened, called 911, and stayed with me right up until I was loaded in the ambulance.

I’ll be nothing but thankful for the overwhelming concern from all my friends and loved ones: offering to cook meals, sending flowers, checking in on me… seriously, the “love” I’ve gotten in response to my little accident has been incredible.

I’m a blessed woman πŸ™‚