The Reject

Laura Smith was born and raised in the Midwest. Her humble surroundings didn’t keep her from lofty aspirations, though.  In her childhood years she participated in every school and local theater production with the hopes of making it to the silver screen as the comedic best friend persona on a television sitcom. A spiral bound notebook was her constant companion through school, and she would write stories that she would share with her closest friends.  Always enrolling in the Young Author’s program, the thought of becoming a “real” and published author when she grew up was always in the back of her mind.  Whether she was acting or writing, Laura always knew she was destined for something big.

With a successful college career under her belt, Laura took the first steps to making those lifelong dreams a reality. She moved to Orlando, FL and worked for the Walt Disney World Resort in the hopes of getting her foot in that proverbial acting door. This experience would ironically turn Laura away from that aspiration. In 2005, she moved back to Indiana and decided that writing suited her better than acting.

Though her career path would inadvertently lead her to her family’s local business, Laura still held on to hopes of becoming a writer. Unfortunately, Laura’s chronic battle with obesity held her back from pursuing this aspiration on a serious level.

In 2006, after 20+ years of struggling with her obesity, Laura auditioned for Season 3 of “The Biggest Loser.” She made it to the screen testing process with producers of the NBC show. When she wasn’t chosen to be a contestant, though, Laura set out on a mission to lose weight on her own. In 14 months, she lost 100lbs. Laura had no idea that her weight loss would be the “something big” in her life she was destined for. She’s been featured in several online publications for her weight loss success and is currently being considered for an inclusion in a motivational book series.

With publishing a book still on her to-do list, Laura blogs of her experiences maintaining her weight loss, dealing with excess skin removal surgeries, and life after divorce. Her blog has garnished her awards and sponsorship and is what attracted publications to her weight loss story.

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