Biggest Loser Reject

All good things come to an end, as they say.

Well… bad things come to an end too. Thank God.

My marriage to Muffin (what I formerly and once affectionately referred to my ex-husband) is legally dissolved.

In the wake of what’s transpired since December 19, 2016 (My D-day… known lingo to a not-so-elite group of chumps) I’ve done a crap ton bit of soul searching, which is probably needless to say.

“Accidental Seamstress”, like my marriage, is dead. “Biggest Loser Reject” is born. Instead of focusing on ReFashions and Upcycles, this blog will now focus on my true passions: Maintaining a healthy weight, nutrition, fitness, Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery, …and probably a post or two about life after marriage to a textbook narcissist.

Thank you for supporting my humble DIY fashion blog up until this point… I hope you’ll stick around for the new format/style.

~Miss Smith



11 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Reject

  1. Laura, its good to hear from you and I’m glad you are doing well. Too bad you have to give up your cute little house but good things will come to you I’m sure. Good luck.

  2. Hugs to you! I hope you are doing better and I am glad you were able to get out of that relationship.I listen to a lot of podcast and there is one in particular I love “Real Crime Profile”, it is a pretty insightful podcast with two experts that talk a lot about abuse and how to get out of it and above it! Take of of yourself. I am here with you! You are the best !!!!! Xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Looking forward to the changes! When I started following your blog I really enjoyed your posts about your surgeries since that’s not something that’s talked about very much. Love the confidence and excited to see what’s new!

  4. Good for you! I’m looking forward to whatever you write. I’m trying to lose weight and enjoy reading about overcoming the challenges associated with that while eating nutritiously. I also need to be doing more exercise and fitness activities so I like to read about those. I’ll miss your clothing makeovers but I’m excited for what’s to come. Good luck with your new start in life. You have a great attitude and that is the hardest part of the battle.

  5. Miss Smith 🙂 So sorry for all you’ve had to go through to get to this point but I know you’re going to do so well in your future endeavors!! ‘Biggest Loser’ may have rejected you for their program, but you will never be a reject in life! Looking forward to this next stage of your online sharing! God bless you!! JoAnn

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