Cap Sleeve to the rescue

This lovely, stretchy LBD was .25 cents at my favorite thrift store.

If large thighs were an Olympic event I’d be the gold medalist

Too bad this fit does NOTHING for my bottom half. #StoryOfMyLife

There’s a simple solution:

I cut 10″ -ish off the length. With the discarded material I had more than enough to make a cute cap sleeve.


I followed the same process that I used for my Velvet Sewalong Refashion to accomplish this.

RIGHT sides together sew sleeve into armhole.

It was a fairly simple process. And I think the outcome was quite nice 🙂


I finished the bottom raw edge on my serger using a rolled hem.

My thighs are still (and probably always WILL be) gargantuous. But I do think this is a more flattering fit.

Profile is always preferable to full frontal 🙂 

I wore this to church on Father’s Day. Because the back cut was also a deep scoop I wore a simple cardigan with it.

My camera that Santa brought me in ’14 is dying a slow and painful death… #Selfies

But for our celebration with dad in the evening I took off the cardigan.

Once again, Number 4 is with us in spirit. 

This is the last “couch” photo we’ll ever have in this house 😦 My parents are downsizing to a condo and will be moving in August. I’m going to miss this house so much. I grew up in this house.

2017 is definitely a year of big changes in our family. More on that later…

In the meantime, happy refashioning. As always, keep it simple.


8 thoughts on “Cap Sleeve to the rescue

    1. Hmm. That’s a good point! You’re right. This shirt would’ve been perfectly fine to wear as-is at church. I guess the more accurate reason is that I’m, honestly, still not 100% comfortable in my own skin. I attend a very large church and I just didn’t want lots of eyes on me (that sounds narcissistic but, again, I’m very self-conscious & insecure by nature…) in a lower back shirt. Plus, the A/C is always cranked up (church or otherwise) in the summer so I knew I would’ve been freezing without it. Hanging out in my parents’ sunroom was more toasty so I removed the cardigan, even though I brought it with me. If my shirt was inappropriate my mom (or my brutally honest 8 year old niece!) would’ve been quick to inform me 🙂

  1. I think this is a lovely makeover and looked fab on you. I’m pear shaped too and have always disliked my thighs. At just 5′ it can be difficult at times.

  2. I think you are lovely just the way you are. Think of a little fat bird with stick legs and you’ll see the problem *I* have … I’d like to have bigger legs! Oh, women – we’re never fully happy …

    I do like that top. You make it sound so easy to put sleeves in. Heh.

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