Burp Cloths: Take 2

It’s been a few Summers since I made these burp cloths for a friend’s baby shower.

Remember these?

These were so much fun to make, I decided to do this again for another friend of mine who’s have a BOY!

My worship leader‘s wife is expecting baby number FIVE. Five. Oh, and she’s, like, 2 years younger than me…

Much like before, I made each burp cloth (from a standard 5 pack) unique.


Baby Liam’s nursery is going to be themed in arrows and various shades of blue and green.   I searched etsy for cute “arrow” designs and this is one I purchased for $2.99. The design only included the arrows and middle border. I added “LIAM” with a font that was built in to my embroidery machine of choice.

I chose this fun varigated blue embriodery thread from Mettler and “Cilantro” green thread by Exquisite.


This is another design I purchased from an etsy shop. Again, I added in the font from my machine.

I had some scraps of fabric leftover from the book pillow I made for my niece. This particular embroidery was fairly small so I thought the fabric would help spice it up. The fabric is blue with arrows on it, you guys. How perfect, right? I didn’t even plan that!


This applique embroidery design was a freebie I got online somewhere… I can’t remember who to give credit to 😦

To give the appearance of an arrow, I actually combined 3 different stitches using our Janome Skyline S9 machine and sewed them down the main 2 lines of the diaper. It’s not a picture perfect “arrow” 🙂 but I think it’s kind of neat looking! I used the same varigated thread. How fun that it changes shade every few millimeters. It’s so much more visually interesting than a solid color, I think.


This one is pretty straight forward. Again, I combined 3 different stitches together that I thought would look like an arrow. (These 3 combinations of stitches look a little bit better than the first one 😀 )


Last but not least is this 10″ Applique Monogram I purchased a few months ago. Does it look familiar? I almost didn’t use this because I thought it might be too feminine for a baby boy… but then I thought, eh. Who cares?

I dare say these turned out a little bit better than my first round of burp cloths. I also dare say I might have advanced in my sewing skills a smidgeon in the last 4 years…



My sewing lately, I’m sure you’ve probably noticed, has evolved from refashions to home decor and gifts…

Truth is, I have enough clothes… I really don’t need more, ya know? And my heart has been in a spirit of giving lately. So… I’m gonna roll with that until I get on the next “kick” in my sewing endeavors.

Happy Embroidering! And Happy Gift Giving!


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