Embroidered Denim Jacket

When I bought this Denim Dress I knew immediately that it wouldn’t take much to refashion it into a jacket. I think Jean Jackets are quite versatile and they seem to be a timeless staple to any wardrobe.

No undershirt. Zit cream on my face. I have no shame.

The zipper is completely broken. It’s not jammed or stuck. It’s just broken so I felt no guilt whatsoever when I cut the material at the waist (through the zipper and all)…



Had the zipper worked, I could have used it functionally in the final garment (as my top half is smaller than my bottom half). Oh well… Goodbye, zipper.

Might as well cut these off too…

I decided to leave all the edges raw as distressed denim seems to be a trend right now.

Then it sat in my closet…


Until I got the idea to put it on a dress form we have at work.

Denim jackets are great but they’re kind of boring. To show off our Destiny II Machine, I decided to embroider a design on the back. What better way to showcase a machine’s capabilities AND spice up a refashion, right?


I just chose a design already built in to the machine and used the largest hoop size available (9.5 X 14… that’s big!). I’m really impressed with how well Destiny embroidered on denim, especially down that middle seam!

I was on a roll so I decided to spice up the front with my monogram too.


This is another font I purchased from Applique Market. (Remember my Monogram Pillows? Also Applique Market).


I couldn’t just leave Frenchy naked underneath the Jacket so I put one of my Sun Dresses on her. This was a freebie from a friend of mine. I liked it as-is and did absolutely nothing to it (I’ll have to steal it back come vacation time!).


Even though I left the edges raw, I did top stitch about a quarter of an inch above the hem just to give it some kind of definition.


I think she’s a lovely edition to our showroom floor. Aren’t those embroidered chucks super cute too? (Can you tell I’m on an Embroidery kick??) For a better look at those check out my Instagram.

I could definitely still wear this jacket out and about if I wanted to. But for right now I think it looks great on my Parisienne themed Store Dress form (Frenchy. Get it?).


Happy Embroidering! Don’t be afraid to go for it!

This post does NOT contain any affiliate links.

All opinions expressed are my own.


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