Metallic Thread Accent Shirt

I bought this shirt brand spankin’ new at DressBarn. *Gasp

Loki has to be in the middle off all the action.

I really liked it… but after a while the sleeves began to annoy me. They were at a really awkward length. They were too loose-fitting to pull them up past my elbows, and if I undid the buttons they hit the middle of my forearm… I don’t know. They just bugged me. So I decided to simply shorten them.

I cut just above the button.


I folded the material “up” instead of down, just like I did with my Nanny’s Blazer. I guess we could call it a reverse hem…

To pick up the gold of the zipper I used some metallic gold thread and sewed the new hem with a simple straight stitch.

Sew as close to the fold as possible. I used our Janome S7

I really wanted the gold thread to stand out so I decided to go over the original stitch a few times. I could’ve just selected the more decorative triple straight stitch that I normally do, but I was scared the metallic thread wouldn’t like that 🙂



My little furry mascot, once again.

I wore this for our Mother’s Day festivities.

Mom and offspring (#4 was there in spirit… and by cell phone pic).


We have a good time together 🙂

Don’t ask.

Sometimes it’s the little and simple fixes that make all the difference. I prefer the sleeves much better like this!


Hope everyone had a special Mother’s Day.

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