Easter Dress and a Bolero

Easter is my favorite holiday. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know that I say that every year 🙂 SorryNotSorry to be redundant but there you have it.


I picked up this maxi dress and loved it as-is, actually. I’ve been on a maxi dress kick since last summer and I had planned to wear it just like this.


…this was a problem for me:


I don’t care/mind if someone wears a dress like this to church. But I, personally, just wouldn’t feel comfortable showing this much skin (Church or otherwise).  I could just put on a cardigan… but that would hide the crochet, which is the most beautiful part of this dress. Instead, I decided I would add fabric underneath the crochet and add a small cap sleeve.

But when I went to seam rip the crochet from the main fabric (so it would be easier to add a layer of fabric underneath it) it was serged to death! I didn’t trust myself not to ruin it so I went in a different direction…

Goodbye, Maxi 😦 

I cut some length off, with a high/low hem in mind.

And because I just didn’t want to ruin the crochet… I decided to make a bolero jacket with the scraps instead of adding a sleeve. After all, maybe one magical day I will be brave to show that skin 😉


Using only a serger, I sewed the bottom scrap as indicated by the lines in the picture. Do you remember my Remnant Shrug refashion? I basically followed that same “pattern”.

Since this fabric is stretchy, I used 3 thread overcast instead of the standard 4.

Perfectly flat seam.

Then I finished the bottom raw edge of the dress with a rolled hem 🙂


I splurged a little ($25) on these fun sandals from TJMaxx


The bolero added just enough coverage for church.

Peek-a-boo crochet


Since it was a little nippy #Indiana… I put on some leggings and a cardigan for Easter lunch with the fam.


I’ve been taking pics with my cell phone instead of my camera… it just seems to be easier. My laziness knows no bounds. Plus, I thought this was a funky shot of me looking through the iron rod.

Me, mom, #3, #1 and Papaw 

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I definitely did! #Blessed


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