Yellow Sundress: Part 1

I scored this wicked awesome Old Navy Sundress for .99 cents (do I even have to specify that…).


In all honestly the fit isn’t too bad and I love the happy color.

…But I don’t love the dropped waist and ruffled tiers on my hippy silhouette.

Initially, I thought I’d just shorten the length and have a perfectly simple summer cami.

Then I began to second-guess myself… camis are boring, right? Maybe I should add a simple sleeve from the bottom ruffles…

What to do? What to do?

I pleaded my case to my Facebook Friends and asked them to help me make a decision!


In the meantime, I went ahead and cut off the ruffles.

As I’m working on this, I keep checking my FB post and cami seemed to be getting the most votes so far…


I used our Baby Lock Eclipse Serger to finish the new bottom hem with a (guess! guess!)…

I’ll give you a hint: I use it ALL. THE. TIME.

Did you figure it out?

A ROLLED hem. 

I mean, srrrsly, do you guys know me at all? 😉


I find pleasure in the simple refashions of life, you guys. I really do. There is absolutely nothing special about this except the fact it was cheap and easy and, dangit, I know I’ll wear the heck out of it!

I started off the day wearing a cardigan because it was a little nippy.

But it warmed up quite nicely in the afternoon.

Cover it up, sister!

After church on this lovely Sunday, Hubs and I ran some errands before we headed to my favorite Local Antique shop. You just never know what treasures you’ll find. Like, who’d have thought I’d buy this white blouse of all things?

I was really enjoying my new and happy summer camisole…

…but then the unthinkable happened! I started getting MORE votes on my FB post. Not only did “Cami” end up losing to the “short-sleeved” option, but one of my friends threw a complete fly in the ointment by recommending an “off-shoulder” sleeve detail!! This began a chain reaction of, like, a million other votes.

Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, amiright?

So… even though I’ve, uh, finished this refashion I can’t NOT give the people what they want, right? So I will acquiesce and make a cold-shoulder sleeve detail to this sundress. After all, I did ask for their advice 🙂


So stay tuned for Part II of the gripping refashion of the Yellow Sundress

2 thoughts on “Yellow Sundress: Part 1

  1. okay, I love the cami, but I really want you to “stretch” and try the off the shoulder version sleeve. Don’t wear them myself ….old arms and all, but you’re young and can!!

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