“Cat in the Bag” Embroidery

Hubs surprised me with an adorable Gray Tabby kitten back in September. Well, ever since that fateful day I’ve turned in to one of “those” crazy cat ladies… What can ya do?

For those of you who also fall in to “that” category you know the drama that takes place when you have to take said furry friend to the vet. It’s not a pretty picture! I don’t know what it is about crates… but cats freak out just by the sight of them. Our little Loki was no exception. I saw something on Pinterest about a “friendlier” way to transport your kitten to the vet.

It’s Cats in the bag!

I was intrigued by this and I went ahead and purchased one for our Loki.

I was a bit perplexed as to what size to get for Loki… At 6 months old and already 8lbs I went ahead and got the Large bag (for cats 10lbs) because I figured he’d grow in to it rather quickly…


The concept is pretty simple:

Put kitty in the bag and zip it up…
Neck is adjustable for comfy fit.

As a dealer, I’m lucky to have so many neat machines at my disposal. I thought it would be really nice to personalize this bag with Loki’s name on it. I chose to use our Baby Lock Alliance machine for the job.


This machine is unique because it is a single needle embroidery only machine. More importantly, it has a free arm.


Because of this free arm (that skinny little arm under the needle), I can hoop Loki’s bag and not have to pick out any seams!



On a flat bed embroidery machine, I’d have to undo one of the side seams and then restitch it after it was embroidered.

Because of the placement on the bag, I rotated his name so it would be right side up.

I pushed the “start” button and the machine embroidered Loki’s name on the bag. It took just a few minutes. Easy.


The reason it’s covered in cat hair is because I let Loki play with it. I wanted him to get used to the bag and have a positive connection with it before actually using it to go to the vet. I’d throw a treat in the bag and make him fetch it. Then, when he’d come out of the bag I’d give him another treat. It seemed to work. He enjoyed playing with this bag.

The real moment of truth came when we took him to the vet yesterday for his neuter check-up and a vaccine.


We wrangled him into the bag a lot easier than I thought. Of course, giving him treats after he was secure helped. You can never give them too many treats when they go to the vet πŸ™‚


The bag had plenty of room for him to wiggle freely. And because his head wasn’t covered he didn’t feel as confined…


Unfortunately, cats don’t like to be restrained in ANY capacity… This bag was MUCH better than the crate we used for his very first visit to the vet. There’s no question this was a better alternative… and we will continue to use it in the future. But he was still a bit antsy. He did fine on the way to the vet, but on the way home he did everything he could to wiggle out of it.


He is still a kitten too. As he gets older, I’m sure he’ll mellow out a bit.



Crashed out the second we got home… Yeah, I think he’ll survive πŸ™‚

In summation, I would recommend a Cat-in-the-bag to any Cat guardian. Vet trips are a lot less stressful.

Secondly, I would recommend a FREE ARM Embroidery machine Β to any one who wishes to make their sewing endeavors less stressful as well πŸ™‚


All opinions expressed are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Cat-In-The-Bag, nor do I get any discounts or commissions by recommending their product.

4 thoughts on ““Cat in the Bag” Embroidery

  1. Enjoy your precious snuggly kitty – we had a Russian Blue who was with us for 20 1/2 years – he thought he was a dog – from meowing at the door bell to playing fetch – but his favorite was going on errands in the car with you – he loved to look out the windows in the back of our Jeep. You’d pick up the keys and he’d be sitting at the door ready to go.

    1. That’s hilarious, Amy. I’ve never heard of a cat who loved to ride in cars like a dog. Hopefully, our Loki will get to that point someday πŸ™‚ He too, though, loves to play fetch. The milk ring off a milk jug cap (of all things!) is his favorite toy ever. I’ll flick one to him and he’ll fetch it and bring it back to me. He’s booger; a booger that I’ve grown to love… Sorry about your Blue 😦

  2. What a wonderful idea. My cats hate the crate too, but it’s a necessary evil when a trip to the vet is required. I may check out the cat in a bag idea. Thank you and enjoy your furry friend.

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