FELT Christmas Projects: DIY No Sew Window Treatment

Okay, folks. You’ve waited with bated breath for the fourth and FINAL installment of my Felt Christmas Series! (Or not…). Anyhoo, I present to you my super easy, NO SEW Window Valance.


Do these little strips look familiar?

This truly is the easiest kitchen/window valance ever! I started off by collecting various ribbon that I had in my stash. If you don’t have a stash you could buy some ribbon, or get creative with other items around the house…


I stole some bulbs/round ornaments from our Christmas tree…


I laid the ornaments out like I wanted them to hang from my window, hooked them (literally) to the ribbon, and tied the ribbon around my window tension rods.



It still looked pretty naked, so to speak, so that’s when I remembered I had some felt left over from my garland.

Though I complained about not having enough strips for my garland, I still had several WHITE strips left, and about 10 purple ones left. I didn’t incorporate the white much into my garland because I wanted it to look Christmas-y… White can look too Italian flag-y with red and green (in my opinion) so I just didn’t use them. In fact, I just set them aside for the time being, not intending to use them at all.

So, you guessed it, I tied the white felt around the tension rod to spice things up a bit.


I think it turned out pretty well.

Daytime light

I also took one piece of felt and tied it to the top of the ornaments.

See me in the reflection? Classic… 🙂


I had just enough felt to do both tension rods in my kitchen.


Initially, I thought about sewing a valance… but this just seemed more fun. And it was a lot less work 🙂


Happy NO SEWING, everyone.

Thank you for joining me for my series on Felt Projects. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great Holiday Season. No matter what holidays you celebrate I hope they’re filled with love and joy surrounded by your loved ones.

❤ Laura

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