FELT Christmas Projects: DIY No Sew Garland

When I began sewing for my Christmas projects (personal and work related) this year, I didn’t intend to do a series on felt.  But when I start on something, I kind of get rolling and the creative juices just won’t stop. I can’t help it… that’s just the way I’m wired, I guess.


I’m not gonna lie… this is a blatant copy cat.

Like I said, I had gobs and gobs and GOBS of felt! I just had to get rid of it all and I loved this no sew garland project, so I got to work by cutting all the felt we had left over (after I made my Poinsettia and Applique pillows).

The original tutorial calls for felt strips to be 5″ long by .5″ wide.

My rotary blade cutter is so dull I can’t even, so I ended up cutting most of this by hand.

You can get 40 pieces out of one 8 x 11 piece of felt.

Do this with ALL your felt 🙂

Like, ALL of it!

Then, get creative with your colors… Christmas projects don’t have to be just red and green.


Then tie them on to some string with just a single knot.

Confession: I did actually go to a store and by some string!

Wrap the finished product around a Christmas tree and voila.


I had SO much felt, I made different strands of colors for different trees we had set up at work.

Pink and purple is always a good idea!


And because I had SO much green and red… I conformed and made some epic “traditional” garland 🙂



Wouldn’t cha know, this red and green combo is my favorite 🙂 Sometimes you just can’t argue with tradition.


I had about 8 feet of this particular garland so I just draped it over a table display.


Of course I made the fuzzy pillow! 🙂

A friendly suggestion if you decide to do this project at home: you can NOT have enough felt! I thought I did… I didn’t have nearly enough– that’s why I decorated our smaller Christmas trees. If you want to do your tree at home get LOTS of felt!; Secondly, be prepared to spend time on this. Hours.


Even though this was time consuming and I didn’t make enough to do my own personal Christmas Tree at home, I LOVE this project! 🙂

Next year, I will get more felt and be better prepared. In the meantime, I have ONE more felt project to share with you later and it is ALL me, baby. NO copycatting! I’m pretty excited to share it, actually.

Happy DIYing!

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