Refashion Runway Sewalong: Velvet… Part 2

Yes, you saw right. Even though Refashion Runway was so last summer, I have a “part two” to share with you today.


Remember this Velvet Maxi dress I made for Challenge number 1?

I FINALLY got to wear this to my husband’s office Christmas party this week. I was so excited because I genuinely love this refashion. It could possibly be my most favorite ever.

But… it was a little incomplete for a Christmas party, I thought. I still had plenty of fabric leftover so I decided to make a complementary clutch.

This used to be the built-in vest.

I wanted to keep the original button from the vest, so I cut the shape of my clutch around it, then sewed 3 of the 4 sides.


Because velvet is so stretchy, I used some stiff stabilizer that was free from a vendor.

For “mid-weight” this is very stiff and firm… perfect for a purse/clutch lining.

I cut the stabilizer to fit the size of the clutch, and used some scrap fabric for a lining.

White lining fabric is inside the stabilizer

I struggle with linings… I’m sure there’s a way to sew all three layers together in some way and then turn something inside out and hand stitch the opening from where you turned it inside out… but I just didn’t do that.

Instead, I put this lining/stabilizer (wrong sides together) inside the clutch.

Confession: my “lining” is a linen napkin I found in our stash 🙂 My laziness knows no bounds…

I hand stitched the lining into the black velvet.


Is it going to win a prize for best clutch/most well constructed purse?


Is it going to work at Muffin’s office party? Yes.




Every year, Tim’s brokers surprise their ENTIRE crew of agents to dinner at a super nice restaurant. This year, it was The Italian House on Park.


They prepared a menu just for us and reserved the entire restaurant to accommodate such a large crew.

They spared no expense, even chartering a bus so everyone could ride together.


I even got to wear my Vintage Coat that I love so much!


In all seriousness, we had such a great night with such great people. I’m so thankful that Tim is in a work environment that showers him with support and encouragement. He’s really thrived at this new agency and I’m forever grateful to Kevin and Nancy… and to God for blessing us with such a great opportunity.


If you’re ever in the area I’d highly recommend the Alla Vodka 😉

Merry Christmas.

I hope everyone finds time to spend with their loved ones this season.

Next week, I’ll continue with my series on FELT Sewing Projects.

7 thoughts on “Refashion Runway Sewalong: Velvet… Part 2

  1. What a great post! You and your husband are such a sweet looking couple. And I love how you made the clutch from what you had left over from the dress redo. By the way, you look lovely in that dress. Have a Merry Christmas! You are truly blessed.

  2. I love your clutch! Very pretty and you looked beautiful. Isn’t it fun to get dressed up? I love to use things in my stash that I already have. It is upcycling at its best. Merry Christmas, Laura. Hope you have a wonderful family time.

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