FELT Christmas Projects: DIY Poinsettia Pillows

Many apologies for few postings as of late. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been busy with work. In fact, most of my sewing projects have been for work. I’ve really been trying to display the crap out of our sewing machines by making fun projects that showcase the machines’ capabilities. One of my favorite projects so far is my DIY Poinsettia Pillow Cases!



I saw something remarkably similar on pinterest and I thought… “I could totally do that on my own.” 

Materials needed for this project:

Felt (3 sheets or more, depending on size of pillow form)

Material (Again, varies on size of pillow form)

Pillow form 🙂

Button or Jingle bells for Poinsettia Flower Center

I started by using this quilt pinwheel for a template. These were scraps that were donated to us and I thought this would be a perfect pattern for the poinsettia petals.


I cut 5 pieces out of the felt. Then, cut 5 more pieces out of the felt making them slightly smaller than the first 5 pieces. Finally, I cut out 5 smaller pieces yet for the very top layer of petals.

So, I have 3 “layers” of petals: Large, Medium, and small.


When I had my 15 pieces cut out, I pinned them on to my fabric doing one layer of petals at a time.


My pillow form I had was 14″ by 14″… so I cut (ripped, actually because I’m lazy…) this white base fabric 14.5 X 14.5 to allow for quarter inch seams all around.

Sidebar: I got my pillow form for .10 cents at my favorite thrift store! 🙂

For the sewing, I used our new Janome 9400 QCP and sewed down the very middle of each felt petal using the triple straight stitch.

Number 5 

I LOVE this stitch because it’s just a bit more decorative. Also, it’s way more secure than a standard straight stitch.


When all 3 layers of poinsettia petals were sewn, I hand sewed in buttons from my stash. These were from a refashion Waaaaaayyyy back. You just never know when you’ll use up old buttons.

For the back side of my pillow, I used the “envelope” method like I always do.


I’d say it looks pretty similar to the pinterest pillow I blatantly copied.

Since this was strictly for floor display, I decided to inscribe my initials in the corner.  Why not brag a little that I made this, right? I used our Baby Lock Lyric because I think its scripted font is just so lovely 🙂


I posted this pillow on my personal facebook page because I couldn’t decide which button to put in the middle of the Poinsettia (I had Gold, White, and a Matte Bronze). By a pretty overwhelming vote gold won!

Also, my pillow was so popular that friends of mine actually commissioned me to make them one.

So I did 🙂

For their pillows I modified my “pattern” a little bit and made the leaves/petals just a little bit fatter.

I think this looks much better, actually.

And because I ran out of my gold buttons, I used jingle bells for the centers on all the rest of the pillows I made.


Not all poinsettias are red, ya know 😉



Because I’m sort of obsessed with this pillow, I made one for my house too 🙂


Red goes better with my home decor (and my Reindeer pillow–Also DIY. Future post for that to come).

With just a little felt, some fabric, a button, and a pillow form (bought/thrifted or one just already around the house), you too can have a gorgeous Poinsettia Pillow case.

Happy DIY-ing this Christmas Season.



6 thoughts on “FELT Christmas Projects: DIY Poinsettia Pillows

  1. Just beautiful… If I can find the time, I’ll definitely be using this tutorial to festive-ify my lounge..! X (couldn’t think of how else to say it…)
    Oh how I miss sewing! X

    1. Thanks, girl! I could’ve been better about explaining the overall construction of the pillow (the envelope back and whatnot) and not just the poinsettia… I’ll have to go into better detail about that next time. But thank you 🙂

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