Refashion Runway Sewalong: Swing Tunic (?)

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a Maxi Dress kick as of late… My Velvet sewalong, Awards Night No Sew, and Me Made May Maxi Dress are just a few examples.  That’s not even counting the ones I’ve worn and not blogged about! Leave it to me to be 6 years behind the curve… So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was drawn to this piece.


This sucker was only .50 cents. I absolutely adore this color combination and I thought I would adore the dress as-is… Unfortunately, I do not.

Other than hating it like this, I didn’t have any vision of how I’d like it so I just began by separating the colors…


The skirt length was too awkward for pretty much anything, so that’s why I cut an extra foot off the the top (near the waist). It was at this point I decided to make a tunic even though that Refashion Runway challenge was SO two week ago 😉

I really do struggle with patterns so I used the discarded coral bodice as a pattern for my new tunic instead.

I removed the ruffle (off the coral) first, then cut out the shape before serging it.

I wanted to keep the original bottom hem in tact, which is why I didn’t take this in all the way down.

Then, using discarded scraps from the skirt and bodice I fashioned some sleeves.


I was going to just use the blue fabric, but there was actually a huge stain on the tummy that I didn’t notice until I began working on it… Look at my before pic; you can’t miss it. Plus, this coral fabric really is too pretty to not use! 🙂

I cut the cap of the sleeve free-hand and serged it and the coral cuffs.

I folded the coral cuff wrong sides together:


Then I pinned it to the blue sleeve RIGHT sides together:

Sew all three layers together, then add into the arm holes of the tunic

I did one more touch to my tunic to bring it all together… Using the discarded coral ruffle, I made bias tape and sewed it around my new neckline.

This process may take a little longer, but it’s the easiest way (for me) to add binding.

I did all my sewing on our Janome 8900. I did all my serging on our Baby Lock Imagine. (Our website is under construction. Sorry.)


This new tunic (?) is so comfortable I just LOVE it! I put a question mark because I’m not sure it’s long enough to be an actual “tunic.” This is why I didn’t submit it to Beth for a Sewalong… Also, it wasn’t made yet 🙂 My hometown was hit with 8 tornadoes that week. One of which, barely missed our business. Then, my dad and I traveled to St. Louis for a Baby Lock Training Convention. So, yeah, I didn’t get to do much sewing. We got home in time for Labor Day,  and I really enjoyed wearing this out on the Lake with my extended family!

Boat fumes. Awesome.



Niece/Auntie Selfie
The Gang’s all here!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day.


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