WHBM T-shirt

Just a basic T-shirt, right?


Well, yes. Upon closer inspection…

White House Black Market!!!

Have any of you shopped there? Yeah, neither have I… because it’s crazy expensive. Like, crazy (well, at least to me). So, naturally, it’s my favorite store ever #Irony

This was in perfect condition so I bought it for a meager .99 cents and shortened it.

I used the top of the side vents for my measuring gauge.

And cut.


I finished the bottom raw edge with a rolled hem.

My favorite Serger 🙂

Stretch the fabric as you sew and it’ll curl. It’s called the Lettuce Leaf. I use this technique A LOT. It’s just too easy to not do…


And that’s all she wrote.

I’m normally a Jeans and T-shirt kind of gal, but I paired this with a skirt to attend my bi-weekly Mary Kay meeting. We’re required to wear skirts. I would’ve worn trousers to hide the swelling and bruises on my legs. I had a bicycle accident last week and they’re just now starting to fade… Yeah, this is them faded. It was a pretty nasty accident in all seriousness…


I actually bought the skirt from LOFT and got it for 60% off. Don’t you just love Semi-Annual Clearance Sales? 🙂 It was $11 to be specific. My bottom half is MUCH more difficult to fit than my top half so I rely on store-bought garments for my bottom half.


You know me (well, not really…); I’m all about simple. And this is as simple as it gets. Plus, I’ve actually been super busy lately doing sewing alterations for other people (Something I swore I would NEVER do!). That and my renewed passion for giving women Facials and helping them with their make-up has kept me very busy lately; too busy to do much sewing.

And I’m actually ok with that 🙂

Do you guys ever need a break or is it just me?

2 thoughts on “WHBM T-shirt

  1. Great remake! I’ve gone into WHBM a few times and walked out empty handed! If I really love something I will pay, but I just didn’t love enough on those days I guess. Super busy here too. Between work, dogs and piano practice, there just isn’t much time left in the evenings for sewing. I’m not enjoying it though because I’m in the middle of testing out jackets and I want to get back to it!

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