Me-Made-May Maxi Dress

Say that 5 times really fast…


I think it’s lovely. Love the color, love the print. I just wanted it to be a dress, not a skirt. This is how I did it…

I cut the coral lining from the chevron print at the waist.


To reinvent this as a bodice, I took it in quite a bit at the back and used our Imagine Serger to finish the raw edge. Then, I pinned it under at the top (and sewed, leaving a small gap). This is going to be a casing for elastic.



Right Sides together, I pinned Coral lining back into the chevron material and used a straight stitch. The original elastic is still in the waist of the chevron, so I stretched it as I sewed.

The Chevron material is ULTRA see-through, so I used some material from a refashion I’ve yet to publish, and made a new lining.

Cut to fit, sew.

To attach the new white lining into my dress, I put RIGHT side of lining against WRONG side of chevron material… it was a bit tricky.

Sew with a straight stitch.

This was pretty thick, so I used my Janome 8900 🙂 #MyFavorite

NEVER sew over your pins

And now I have a Maxi dress, not just a skirt 🙂

Ready to go to a wedding!

My [step] grandson’s mother, Lexey, got married over the weekend. This was a perfect dress for the outdoor occasion because, Thank God, it’s finally warmed up to normal Spring weather!



Holy see-through chevrons, Batman!

Yeah, so, I should’ve made the lining a bit longer… Why is it that only hindsight is always 20/20? Why can’t foresight be 20/20???

Anyhoo, I’m rather proud of this one. Despite the fact the wedding color was Turquoise… I think this was a success 🙂


Happy Me-Made-May ’16!

7 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Maxi Dress

  1. I think coral works really well with turquoise, so altho you may not have meant to coordinate, I bet it looked fabulous in the group shots!
    Lovely job, great fit, love it!
    Gema x

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