Kitchen Valances

Though Tim and I moved in to our “new” house in September of 2014, we still have projects that we’re working on. Life happens, and it’s a never-ending work-in-progress 🙂 This past weekend I FINALLY finished our kitchen (well, maybe… I’m sure we’ll figure something else to do ’cause that’s just how we are).


I picked this lovely purple vino inspired fabric remnant for the valances. Both of these materials were $3.00 together after all sale prices were applied. (I’ll save the white fuzzy material for a pillow!).

I ironed the material and cut it in half lengthwise.

I serged the top edge and did a rolled hem on the remaining 3 edges

I do a rolled hem pretty much ALL the time, but they can be tricky. I like to cut the corner on a slight angle so it feeds in to the foot better.

Like sew 😉

I made these on our new Janome Skyline S3 machine. For lack of a better phrase, it’s a watered down version of its sister Skyline series machines (S5, S7). In other words: Great machine, less money.


I wrapped the serged edge over the tension rod to make sure I left enough room for it to squeeze through, then I sewed that down with a straight stitch.


They didn’t take too long to make, I mean, it’s just 4 measly little seams…


Talk about a “Wah wah” moment 😦 The proportions were off, which is a risk you run when you buy a remnant. Typically with curtains you want double the amount of fabric on the rod to “fill” it out… there’s just enough material on these to fill the rod but… not. It looks sloppy, I think. So I went in a different direction: I cut the panel to fit the exact length of the tension rod. After I took care of the new raw edges,  I ironed from the bottom, in 2 inch increments.

I did this 6 times, for 3 pleats.

I HATE it when windows are completely covered by curtains. So, I tacked the pleats to give it some shape and still let the sun come through.


The sunlight is working against me in these photos, but I think they turned out much better this way 🙂


I also painted the kitchen to match our Dining room. We kept putting it off and when Tim was away all weekend for work, I dug the paint bucket out of the basement and decided to just DO it!


On the edge of all the folds, sew a straight stitch to “tack” in place.


I’m not a big drinker, but Tim enjoys a glass of wine occasionally. I specifically picked this fabric out for him because I knew he’d really like it.


When he got home in the wee hours of the morning, he was definitely surprised that I had finished painting AND made these valances.


Even though I changed direction a bit on these, I’m happy with the outcome. $1.50 on custom kitchen valances is well spent, I think 🙂

Do you guys have any tricks you like to use when sewing for your home? I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Valances

  1. Very cute! My favorite thrifty tip is to cover thrift store pillows. Three easy seams and hand-stitch the fourth closed, et voila’! My most recent was an old pair of pleated shorts – loved the cotton fabric and decided each leg would make one 14×14 cover. Great to keep the fabric and have “new” pillows at the same time.
    I suggest you find a cool (or make?) a wine bottle pendent lamp for over the sink to tie in with your new valances.

    1. That’s awesome, Kathy. I admit that I too go a little crazy re-covering pillows. They’re so easy and it’s a super fun way to “change” the look of your living room for cheap. Also, I’m OBSESSED with the idea of turning a wine bottle into a pendent over my sink!!! That’s brilliant! 🙂

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