Autumn’s Tunic

I never rarely look/buy in the men’s section at thrift stores. I don’t know why… it’s just not my thing. This shirt was mistakenly in the women’s section when I found it. How fateful…

Isn’t that print gorgeous???

I actually thought this WAS a woman’s shirt when I started to work on it, but the buttons on the right side of the placket gave it away.


No matter… the refashion must go on. With the weather warming up quite nicely (*knock on wood) I wanted to make a tunic.


I downloaded this FREE pattern here. I wasn’t too concerned that it was only available in a size Large. Tunics should be a little oversized in my opinion. Plus, the pattern is for a Tshirt and even though this material is stretchy it has a bit more shape than a Tshirt so it’s always better to err on the side of caution…

Because the sleeves didn’t quite fit the shape of the arm pattern right I actually ended up cutting them completely off.

I sewed the shoulders and side seams together with our Imagine Serger.

Because I had a raw edge neckline now, I simply cut the existing binding off of both discarded sleeves…


…And used it as a bias tape for the neck. It’s not technically “bias” tape because this fabric wasn’t cut on the angle of the fabric but you know what I mean 😉 This material is naturally very thin and stretchy on its own so it worked like a charm, regardless.

Used my faithful Janome 8900 to do this.

I cleaned up the raw edges of the new arm hems and I was finished.


I love it!


I don’t know the dude’s name that previously owned this shirt.


One thing’s for certain: he has impeccable taste in prints!


I even managed to make the binding at the neck look half-decent…


I think the fit is quite nice too. What do you think?


I was able to wear this for a check-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Bergman. The short and flow-y sleeves allowed her to look at the incisions on my arms without having to get into a hospital gown. She said my arms/scars are looking really good! I NEVER would’ve worn a shirt like this before having my arm surgery. It feels really good to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. I’ll be making MANY a short sleeved refashion for the summer. 🙂


If you are pattern illiterate like me, I highly recommend this one from Autumn’s website. It’s super easy.






7 thoughts on “Autumn’s Tunic

  1. What serendipity! I found a patterned man’s short yesterday in a charity shop, and was thinking of using your kimono idea… But now, having seen this, I might download the pattern. It looks so good on you! Really lovely!
    And I’m really happy for you – with your new-found body confidence x

  2. It looks great on you as a tunic. I wonder if you’ll start to expand your thrift searches to the men’s side too, after this nice find. I’ll go check out the pattern you suggested-thanks!

    1. Thank you, Amy. I think I WILL look in the men’s section now. I’m a sucker for prints, so if I can find anything like this one I may have a new favorite item (It used to be women’s dresses). This pattern is seriously so easy, you should definitely try it 🙂

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