acCORDing to Rylee

My youngest niece Rylee is turning 7. This depresses me greatly. To add insult to injury, she’s of the age now where she wants to be with her friends at her birthday party and NOT her favorite Auntie *cue the lip quiver. That just doesn’t seem right…

In spite of this, I decided to make her a birthday present anyway.


I made her a lipstick pouch and used a fun cording technique. Β And I’m going to show you how easy it was πŸ™‚

First I scrounged up my materials: 2 pieces of fabric Rylee picked out on her own while in the office with us during a school delay, some batting, and, of course, the lipstick.

As you can see, she’s already “worked” with this fabric before.

Even it all out to 3 equal size pieces.


I found some string tucked away from a previous sewing class kit and I got the idea to embellish this pouch a little bit.

Most Janome sewing machines come with this Cording “H” foot.

Hello, cording “H” Janome foot

People always very often mistake Cording with Piping. Piping is an embellishment that has a rope-like appearance, (like on the edge of a pillow, for example). It kinda looks like a “cord” on the edge of your fabric so people will often come in to my shop and request a cording foot when it’s actually a piping foot they need. THIS is a cording foot (At least in Janome lingo).

To get the cording look, you cut your string in to 3 pieces, tie them in a knot and put each string underneath the black flanges/guides.

Be sure to put the knotted bit under and behind the foot.

I wanted this embellishment on the purple fabric so I marked accordingly (har har) with chalk and selected the proper stitch.

On the 6600P it’s stich #25

Prep your fabric under the needle and sew.

I lined up the left silver edge of the foot with the line I marked in chalk (see it?) to help me sew a straight line.

You don’t need to fuss with the string at all. The foot does all the work for you.


Neat, huh?


See how the satin stitch went right over the string? Very cool, in my opinion.


I wish I had chosen a brighter thread color… I thought it would compete with the string, which is why I chose this neutral pink. Oh well. That’s a mistake I won’t make next time. More can be more sometimes πŸ˜‰

Next, I just needed to assemble the pouch. To figure out the placement of the velcro, I wrapped the fabric around the case of the mini lip glosses.


I put the velcro where it needed to go.

I found this velcro with some office supplies

I sewed the velcro in place because I didn’t trust the sticky binding to withstand a 7 year old. THEN, I finally assembled the pouch by sewing the pieces RS together, leaving one side undone, turning it right side out, and stitching the hole from whence I turned it right side out πŸ˜€ Ya know, like ya do.

And this is how it came together


Now Rylee will have a cute little pouch for her lip gloss… It’s actually MY lip gloss but she steals it from my desk every time she comes in to see her dad (my brother/coworker #FamilyBusiness) so I decided to give up and let her have it.


I think she’ll be surprised πŸ™‚




I would imagine that other brand sewing machines would have a foot very similar to Janome’s Cording foot. Most of them come with your machine when you buy it new. EVERY Janome model (just about) comes with this foot and this triple satin cording stitch. So don’t be afraid to check out those weird looking sewing feet and have a little fun!

4 thoughts on “acCORDing to Rylee

  1. Laura is speaking of my daughter in the above post. For anyone who would like to know, she was a) surprised, b) loved it, and c) stated “Aunt Laura knows me. She really knows me.”

    I think that means she’s happy. Now, she will just steal other things from Laura’s desk. I’d recommend hiding any chocolate.

  2. That is such a great gift for your niece! I’m sewing on a basic machine – no extras. I am jealous of all your up-to-date, fancy machines! How I get around my lack of machine features is to do things like this by hand. Sigh. I can’t get over how cute this little case is πŸ™‚

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