Vogue 8307: A Valentine Coat

Mark your calendar folks, Laura used a Pattern!


I saw this pattern originally in a Baby Lock Project Ideas book I got last year when I was in St. Louis training on the machines. I fell in love with that funky collar. That’s the ONLY reason I bought this pattern on eBay for $6.

I “watched” this pattern for nearly a month before I finally just took the plunge and bought it. I don’t have a good track record with patterns… $6 is pretty cheap but, still. I was very anxious about this… but I just HAD to try to make that awesome “View B” Red coat πŸ™‚

As fate would have it someone donated a TON of fabric to us and I was able to use this lovely red velvet for the coat.

I ended up doing View A because I didn’t have enough material for View B

This is velvet, which is very difficult to work with. I knew I was trying my luck, but I really thought I could handle it and I thought the coat would be totally amazing and warm so I just went for it!

I chose this brown fabric for the lining (Also donated and completely free to me).


I got all the pieces cut and prepped with no problem.


MUCH to my surprise, the assembly wasn’t too bad either. I was able to follow the directions very easily… which scared me a little bit. So far, this seemed too good to be true… So I tested the fit on Minnie periodically just to make sure. Pattern sizes are always at least 3 sizes larger than my store/ready-to-wear size. NOTHING I’ve ever made with a pattern has fit me right…


To me, this seemed big… but then again, factoring in seam allowances and the fact I’d be wearing winter wear underneath this coat, having a little extra room is a good thing, right? So I proceeded.

Attaching Lining to Main Jacket

Believe it or not, even this step was simple. I was really feeling pretty proud of myself because Linings, too, happen to be my nemesis. All this material (and velvet!) was super thick in these steps but it was no match for the Janome 6600P!

The AcuFeed foot laughs at you, thickness!

This is where I started deviating from the instructions a little bit because it called for some hand sewing at the hems… I don’t hand sew. Not because it’s beneath me or anything stupid like that but because I don’t know how! So I did the hems with a sewing machine…

Son of a biscuit!

It’s all puckery and billowy… I seam ripped this sucker and resewed it 4 times… and then I gave up.

Everything was finished except for the jacket closure (and the hems…) so I moved on for the time being. The pattern called for toggles, but I didn’t have any and I wasn’t going to buy them πŸ™‚ So, I decided to use buttons instead. The coat is big on me so far, and I didn’t have the energy to take it in properly (By ripping out lining and taking it and velvet in and reattaching them)…so I thought I could use the buttons to help cinch it a bit.

I chose these from my stash.

Then, I made the buttonholes for them.


Then, I sewed on the buttons.


Fast forward several months ahead when I received Beth’s Refashion Handbook for doing Project Runway. In the book, Beth explains hand sewing… so, I hand sewed for the very first time in my life and FINALLY finished the hems πŸ™‚

It was finished, appropriately enough, for a snowy Valentine’s Day.


So… Lemme tell ya.Β I STILL hate patterns! I am not happy with how this turned out… I mean, it’s okay but it’s nothing spectacular.

It’sΒ too big, which makes me mad. I made this in the right size, according to my measurements! AND, I sewed them together with the proper seam allowances! Patterns just can’t. be. trusted.


In spite of myself, I think the snow is pretty #IHATEwinter



Too big 😦

So, I just realized that the left collar is tucked in to the jacket… *sigh

Smiling through the frustration… and chattering teeth

It’s Valentine’s Day so I figured, what the heck, I’m gonna have a little fun with filters.

See the Arrows?

I edit all my pictures at pixlr.com. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I thought it’d be nice to give pixlr a shout-out. They have specialty holiday/seasonal filters sometimes and this is one of them. It’s absolutely free to use this site and my pictures definitely look better with the help of these filters πŸ™‚


I’m categorizing this one as an epic fail; however, it does feel good to try new things. More importantly, I’m proud I didn’t give up. Even though this took me months to finish, I did finish it. Hopefully, the person I donate this to will enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.



13 thoughts on “Vogue 8307: A Valentine Coat

  1. Not an epic fail. Not a fail at all. You made it and lined it and it all went together perfectly. Good job!

    Something you should know about patterns – when you measure yourself, measure your high bust (tape should go around your body under your arms and above your bust line. Use this measure to choose your size. Check how much ease the pattern will have by looking for the finished garment measurements (on pattern pieces usually) and comparing that to your own body measurements to see how much difference there is. Sometimes it is as much as 5″. This is called “Garment Ease”. Also, measure your pattern pieces from stitching line to stitching line to check the size too. Measure across the pieces at the bust, waist, hip and measure the sleeve piece also to make sure you will have enough room for your body and some ease. There are “how to determine pattern size” tutorials on the web that would help you too. Fitting patterns isn’t easy at all. I love the jacket you made, love the design.

      1. If you decide you really don’t like it, won’t wear it, don’t want to re-fashion it, etc., I’ll take it. I really do like it and have a hard time finding festive, affordable holiday clothing. I think I am about your proportions, maybe slightly bigger. Just let me know how much $$ you want. I could exchange fabric for it if you’d rather do that.

  2. Personally, I love it and think it looks good on you. It’s a funky, luxurious piece and I’m so impressed you went ahead using velvet because I’ve heard it’s very hard to sew with (in fact I’ve heard that so much I avoid using it at all … ha ha). Seriously, my hat is off to you!

    1. You’re so funny, Linda! πŸ™‚ You remind me of my Sister-in-law’s grandma (God rest her soul). She never had a bad thing to say about ANY thing. My favorite example of this was when she was in the presence of an ugly baby (they’re out there!)… she’d say, “Now, THAT’S a baby!” with a smile on her face. The mother was none the wiser but we all knew what it meant πŸ˜‰

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