Pat’s Dolman

One of the many perks of working at a sewing specialty shop is that I get to try out all sorts of different sewing machines, sergers, thread, notions, I go to events, get professional training, etc… and I get to network with real seamstresses. One of whom is Pat, who just-so-happens to teach sewing workshop classes for us. (I teach basic how-to classes…she does the more in-depth stuff). This woman has more talent in her pinky than I have in all my being when it comes to sewing. She basically makes all her own clothing. Like this shirt here:


Pat didn’t care for the dolman sleeve look on her so she donated this to me! 🙂 I love freebies.

Thankfully, Pat and I both share an affinity for funky print. I loved this shirt. I just needed to make a few simple adjustments to help it flatter me better.

Using the notches as a guide, I cut all the way down to the hem.

I still wanted this to be a slightly “oversized” shirt, so I didn’t really take it in too much; just polished it up a bit.

Then, I sewed the raw edges left behind from the cutting:

Leave a gap for the armhole, obvi 😉

To reattach the sleeves, I pinned them back into the armhole.


Then sew it down.


I did this on our Janome 8900 because it’s my favorite machine of all time. I’m obsessed with the built-in walking foot. To get a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance I lined the edge of the fabric with the “arm” of the top feed (conveniently pointed out with an arrow). In this picture the fabric looks like it’s further out to the right but that’s just because this material is stretchy. When I didn’t have a camera in my hand I was able to hold the fabric in place 🙂


This was a super easy alteration, you guys. Anybody can do this.

I went outside and paired it with a Pashmina my cousin gave me for Christmas 🙂

It’s been uncharacteristically warm lately…


Beanies are a great fix for a windy/bad hair day 😉

I took the scarf off so you can see the fit better. Just taking in the sides and tightening the dolman sleeve a bit made all the difference.

Me and my dead mums…
I may HATE taking my own pictures but I LOVE this top! 🙂

I wore this to work on a day that Pat was teaching one of her classes. I thought she’d like to see her donation in action

Pat Skillington, ladies and gentlemen.

She loved it! 🙂 ..Of course she made the shirt she’s wearing too.

This is just a FEW of the items she has on display in our sewing room.

Yes, yes she did make all of those. Not only does she sew for herself, she sews garments for several family members, grown or otherwise.

Her craftsmanship is amazing. It’s no wonder she’s so famous in our chapter of the ASG!

You may recognize her black and pink dress that I used as a template for my Tulip Back blouse.

I really admire people who have legitimate talent, whatever their craft may be. Pat’s an excellent seamstress and it’s been really great working with her/picking her brain apart for my own benefit 😉


4 thoughts on “Pat’s Dolman

  1. Laura: This is totally awesome! Thanks for the kudos, I loved the blog!! You really did a great job on the shirt! I’m so glad you were able to up-cycle it!! Pat

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