Beanies for Kalli & Rylee

Being employed by my father has several benefits. My favorite is being able to hang out with my brother’s daughters. Their mother is a school principal, so whenever there’s a delay or a cancellation (or they let out early), my brother gets to bring the girls with him to work for a bit. There’s no way he’d be able to do this at any other work place. Family business is where it’s at, people 🙂 #WeMakeOurOwnRules

The girls have had a 2 hour school delay nearly every day in the last 2 weeks due to the horrid Midwest winter. To keep them entertained during that time, I’ve prepared sewing projects for them. They LOVED the beanies I made and wanted some for themselves. Knowing that they’d have another school delay today, I told them to come prepared with a sweater.

Kalli. She’ll be 10 next week!

Rylee, age 6 (Making that face because she thinks the sweater is “super ugly!”)

How cute are they?

We began by cutting at the arm pits…

“Are you gonna take pictures the WHOLE time, Aunt Laura??”

We did all the steps that I did in my previous tutorial (That I copied from another blogger) #KeepingItReal.


For this step, we used chalk to round out the dome.


I supervised, of course, but Rylee sewed on the Janome 6600P all by herself (the SUPER slow speed setting is fabulous for such an instance).


Kalli sewed on the “big sister” to that machine, the Janome 8900 Special Edition.

She’s a rock star! 🙂

These machines might look intimidating, but they’re very user-friendly. I mean, a 6 and 9 year-old can use them 🙂 I specifically let the girls sew on these machines because 1.) I knew they’d have fun (kids are super gadget-y and high tech these days), 2.) I knew the advanced features would help them sew better and be more safe (stitches are preset, so they didn’t have to adjust anything… you just turn on the machine and boom, you’re ready to roll; speed control; thread cutter button trims thread so they don’t have to fumble with scissors or get their hands too close to the needle; needle up/down button puts needle in the fabric with the push of a button). All these features may seem gregarious and pointless but they really do make for a safer, smoother sewing experience.

C’est fini!

They were able to get their beanies done with time to spare! In fact, they wanted to get to the next project right away.


It’s only January (Winter, in the last few years, lasts through May in Indiana…). Looks like I’m gonna have to come up with some more school delay projects for these sewing fools! 🙂



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