Beanie Palooza!

My most awesome gal pal Billie recently gifted me SEVERAL items from her closet. For various reasons, she no longer wanted said items and I had the good fortune to catch her before she donated them! If there’s anything I love more than a $1 or less refashion… it’s a FREE refashion πŸ˜‰


This lovely Argyle sweater was a favorite immediately!

How could you not love that print? I dare say it’s impossible. What’s not impossible is to despise the built-in collar shirt (sorry, Billie…). I’ve never been a fan of “twofers” and I doubt that will ever change. As luck would have it, I saw a youtube video on making beanies out of old sweaters and, well, I copied it 100%.

Cut at the armpits
Then, cut at one of the side seams
Wrap it around your head at the band to get the fit you want.

On this particular sweater it worked out to measure right at the opposite side seam of the sweater.

So, I just cut at the other side seam

Next, it starts to become a “beanie” πŸ™‚

Fold me once…
Fold me twice…

Then, through the tri-folded fabric, cut by free hand the dome of your would-be beanie.

Doesn’t have to be perfect.

Unfold the material. It should look like this:


Then we fold it in half.

Sew along the unfolded edge.

This is where it gets slightly tricky. In the video tutorial, she does this without a sewing machine; completely DIY with a fabric glue gun. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a fabric glue gun…

“Flower” the dome into three sections


It’s not that bad πŸ™‚

I used old faithful to sew this; our Janome 6600P. Β Though my tutorial has about a million picture steps… this project takes about 5 minutes!

In fact, I had enough material to make another beanie from this sweater.


It didn’t stop there… I kind of went on a beanie rampage.

“It’s the story… of some lovely beanies…”

This was a super fun project! Thank you beautiful vlogger with the gorgeous hair, for making this DIY beanie tutorial πŸ™‚


And a big thanks to Billie for my awesome new refash stash!

7 thoughts on “Beanie Palooza!

  1. I would have just cut off the color and sleeves and used the sweater as a vest. I love the colors and i does make a good beanie. What are you going to do with the top part of the vest?

    1. I thought about doing that, actually! But then I realized I’d probably pair it with one of my collared shirts… I didn’t think I’d be as dramatic of a refashion. I’m planning to make slippers with the sweater scraps πŸ™‚

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