What are you doing Mom’s Birthday?

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT doing on my mom’s birthday…

Wearing THIS

From the front it’s not so bad…


I’ve had this dress since Summer. If you’re a regular reader of mine you might have noticed my old (as in former) flabby arm situation as this pic was taken pre-surgery. Plus, my hair is a little blonder in these pics… Kudos if you noticed. Unfortunately, you get nothing for that observation; just the knowledge that you’re awesome 🙂

I had NO idea what to with this stupid thing and finally inspiration hit me!


I shortened the lining right at the side slit.

I'm pointing to it.
I’m pointing to it.

I know it’s lining, but it’s in good shape so I’m going to use it for the main body of my shirt.

Using one of my favorite shirts as a pattern, I cut a new yoke from the sequined fabric


I mean I like sequins as much as the next girl but… less is more.

Is it starting to make sense?

My arm pits/sleeves are smaller than the lining piece as you can see. But if you’ll remember, I cut the lining fabric right at the slit so that one side of the lining is completely open at the moment… I sewed that seam shut on our Janome 634D serger (Taking in the lining to match the smaller sequined fabric while I was at it).


Now, I can sew the lining to the sequined fabric

This can be tricky… just think of it as a big sleeve. Sew it right sides together.

I used the same serger for this, but for the remaining raw edges it was easier to use a sewing machine.

One final touch.
One final touch.

Now I’m ready to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which just-so-happens to be New Year’s Eve 🙂


I’ll be honest, I had to shorten the length on the lining fabric about 8 more inches (You’d think after 33 years, I wouldn’t be in denial about my short stature!). I also had to tweak the sleeves a little bit as one was a little more fitted than the other…

My indoor shots turned out better than these outdoor ones, which never happens 🙂
Cold-shoulder sleeve… again. I need an intervention!

So, still being honest, and as you can CLEARLY see for yourself… my arms are still flabby 😦 I’m trying not to be inconsolable about it… Maybe they’re still swollen (My nose is still swollen 7 months post-op). Maybe my expectations were too high… maybe I’m too hard on myself. Maybe I just need to get out my dumbbells and git ‘r done.

Moving on.

The birthday mom. She’s so cute 🙂

It was just a quiet little NYE/Bday party with a few of us (Minus Muffin… he was gigging ’til 2AM #MusicianLife).

She’s CUTthroat at games
She was mad, literally, really mad when I won.
She was mad, literally, really mad when I won.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

I know we had fun hanging out and celebrating mom’s birthday 🙂


14 thoughts on “What are you doing Mom’s Birthday?

  1. This looks really cute now as a new top, but I would take off 3 inches in length if I were you. Take a look in the mirror and fold the bottom of the shirt up about 3 inches and see how it looks. You will get a longer looking leg and will look slimmer too. As it is now the shirt cuts across your body at its widest point.

    1. I’m convinced I have the largest outer thighs on planet earth… I try to hide them, so to take another 3 inches off terrifies me!!! 🙂 I’ll try it though… I can’t say I’ll like it, but I’ll try it 😉

  2. I thought your arms looked fine in the before pictures, so … yep, you’re being too hard on yourself 🙂

    Love the top. Just the right amount of sparkle, and the colour is beautiful on you.

  3. That really made me laugh, reading about your Mum being a sore loser… at Smart Ass (whatever that is!), haha! Couldn’t you have let the lady win on her special day? 😉 And gorgeous top, love the colour on you x

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