“Vine and Dine” Inspired Blouse

Today, unfortunately, I conclude my vacation series 😦

The good news is, this may be my most favorite refashion to date 🙂

Sorry, this is a bit of a “tripod fail”…

I’ve had this dress all Summer and I had a bit of refashioner’s block… until I got THIS in the mail:


This was one of my prizes from my participation in Refashion Runway a few months ago. Beth, the Renegade Seamstress and author, personally gifted all the participants this book. And it’s awesome 🙂

One of my favorite refashions she does in this book is the “Vine and Dine” dress. She does a lot of great stuff to that dress, but my favorite part is the cold-shoulder sleeves! I had to copy it 🙂

I began with a chop


I cut this scrap at one of the side seams to get 2 panels of fabric.

These panels are going to be my new sleeves

As for the rest of the refashion, I followed my own steps. Keeping that in mind, I don’t feel bad sharing my processes with you (as they’re mine and not, er, “Plagiarized” for lack of a better term).

I finished the 2 raw edges on each of the 2 panels of this scrap fabric (that cutting them apart left behind).

Iron, pin, straight stitch

Then, to give them the open “cold-shoulder” effect, I top stitched the bottom of the sleeves.

Super tight (satin-y) zig zag stitch connected it together nicely.

Now, I have to sew the sleeve into the garment.

Pin sleeve in to the armhole right sides together

Now, this is a “cold-shoulder” sleeve (in case you forgot…), so I left a gap at the shoulder seam. That made the pinning process a little trickier than it typically is with sleeves… but I got it to match up perfectly!

How about THAT!

I absolutely love this blouse, you guys. To finish my shirt, I just gave the bottom raw edge a rolled hem.



I took a LOT of pics of this one, y’all. I just love it so much.


I also decided to wear it with the zipper closer in the front 🙂



This is such a fun blouse. I never would’ve made it had I not been inspired by Beth’s “Vine and Dine” dress from her Refashion Handbook.

My tan is looking good 😉
Me and Muffin sharing a smooch. It was our anniversary after all 🙂

Thank you again, Beth for the Refashion Handbook! I might not have ever made this Vine and Dine Inspired Blouse


I can’t think of a better way to finish my Vacay refashions than with my most favorite refashion EVER!


13 thoughts on ““Vine and Dine” Inspired Blouse

  1. This is beautiful Laura! I’m so glad you were inspired by the refashion handbook. What a great way to finish your vacation! That’s what I’m doing too, sewing in the studio over Thanksgiving break. Loving every minute of it! Happy anniversary!

  2. This blouse looks like one of the tops I bought years ago from some high-end boutique for a massive amount of money – it had slit sleeves, too! Playing with the sleeves is a good way to show some skin without making it look overdone.

    Also, can you please send me some of that weather? I’m freezing over here, and it’s not good. I can’t believe that me and my man have an anniversary less than a month from now, and it would be too freaking cold, so no dresses or anything. Boo!

    1. I wish, Sylvia! 2 days after Tim and I got back home from Florida we had a blizzard. A BLIZZARD! In 2013 we came home to a tornado; in ’14 it was an ice storm…if anything I’m weather cursed (except in Florida). Florida is magical 🙂 wish I lived there! Happy anniversary to you and the man! Hope it warms up for you.

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