Boomerang Blouse

I saw this dress. Loved it. Bought it.

.99 cents as always (you know the drill by now, I hope).

The print rocks my world. It’s the only reason I purchased this. Although, looking at it now, methinks “watermelon” might not be the best color for me. I digress.

I took out the elastic (separating top and bottom) and took in the bodice.
I took out the elastic (separating top from bottom) and took in the bodice and sleeves.

My homemade dress form, Minnie, is looking rough… I might have to take care of that soon. Bless her heart.

I cut off the elastic on the sleeves ’cause they make me crazy. And I chopped off another 3 inches. I wanted the bodice to be as fitted as much as this stretchy fabric would allow.


Then, I gathered the waist on the skirt portion that I separated earlier.

Set Stitch length to 4; Set DF to 2 (on Baby Lock sergers).

If you’re not using a Baby Lock Serger, just crank your left and right needle tensions to 9 (still select longest stitch length).  See how the skirt is puckering on the back end of the Serger Presser foot? It’s pretty nifty and way easier than gathering on a Sewing Machine. I did this so the waist band would shrink up and fit into the smaller bodice.

I pinned the bodice and skirt part to each other and sewed them back together on the same Imagine serger.

Gotta finish off the sleeve hem. Pin and sew. No big whoop.

I did end up shortening the main length of the blouse as well to be more of a tunic. I used a rolled hem on the same serger.


Fall’s been a little wet here… but beautiful, nonetheless! 🙂


Can you see how the rolled hem at the bottom matched the rolled hemming on the collar? I’m pretty stoked it all “goes” together so well.



So, not to sound like “that” girl… I really think my left side is way better than my right. True story.



It’s getting a little cold in the season. I won’t be able to wear this much longer. It’ll definitely be in my rotation again in the Spring time.


14 thoughts on “Boomerang Blouse

  1. This pattern is so cute! And no, don’t ever doubt watermelon is one of your colours. It’s beautiful as a tunic top!

    Your whole styling reminds me of something very seventies, with that playful blouse with rolled hems. Actually, I’m amazed that you still have such a warm weather to wear something like this. It’s been freezing over here, and I’ve resorted to sweaters already!

      1. No joke, I really get that vibe. I think it’s also your Dansko clogs that add even more character 70s-wise. I love it.

  2. Well I think it’s your colour, looks great on you! And also loving the matchy rolled hem and neckline 🙂 Don’t write it off just yet, a cardigan is all that’s needed…..

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