Complete cop out sweater

No sewing required today, folks!


I saw this at my favorite thrift store a few weeks ago. The tag said “S” and “Rue 21” on it. Translation: Super small Junior’s sized dress that will not fit me. I assumed that I’d be doing some serious tweaking to this one. I envisioned cutting off the extra small bodice and making a poncho or something out of the remaining skirt portion; however, I tried it on for my before picture and was quite amazed that it fit…

I did not expect that. Sweaters are stretchy and forgiving and that’s the only reason this garment intended for teeny-boppers fits over my curvy figure. So, heck! I’m going to leave it as-is!


It pairs nicely with my Prima Dansko shoes (that I wear with just about everything Fall through April).


I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m still not feeling 100% yet. I’m lazy just about all the time any way when it comes to sewing… but I’m going to use that as my excuse this time šŸ™‚


I’ll be sharing more info on my surgery a little bit later. I’m absolutely fine; healthy as a horse (so to speak). And in no time at all I’ll be back at the sewing machine.

It’s nice to have a break once in a while šŸ™‚

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