Refashion Runway Challenge 4: Maxi Dress

I saw this for .99 cents and I had to have it!



Check out the awesome gold netting overlay with metallic thread!


The challenge is to make a maxi dress or skirt… but this is already a maxi dress. How am I going to refashion it?

I started with a cut…


This, obviously, separated the netting from the lining.


I serged the raw edge of the black lining at the waist, folded it over, and pinned it.

After you’re sewn down, you’ll make a lovely home for elastic.

My elastic was mysteriously MIA. I have NO idea what happened to it. I had to improvise by stealing elastic off of some pajama shorts…

I’m sure I can use this material for a future refashion

I fed it into the casing of the black lining and sewed it shut at the opening where I inserted it. Then, I made a kimono from the gold netting. There’s so much of this fabric… why not incorporate it?

I cut it down the back slit & where original side seams were.
I cut to a length of 32″. I wanted enough material for sleeves.

I used those bottom scraps for the sleeves.


Because part of those scraps had raw edges from where they were cut, I did have to sew them together before attaching to the body of the kimono.

Because the existing seams are still there (even though they were cut open), this was thick enough to sew without any stabilizer/interfacing.

Right sides together, I put the sleeves into the body of the kimono.

I used a multiple zig zag stitch for this. This is fantastic on stretchy and/or temperamental material!

Nearly EVERY sewing machine has this stitch. Use it! 🙂

I thought I’d be done… but I decided to use the top scrap of the original dress. Waste not, right?

Removing the lining was more challenging for this…

I removed the collar and other embellishments.

…and cleaned up all the raw edges left over.

Now, I actually have a 3 piece set: Maxi skirt, Crop top, and shrug




I was able to take pictures just in time for a gorgeous sunset 🙂


Hubs is always asking me to show more skin… Sometimes I still suffer my Fat Girl Syndrome moments. But, it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while…IMG_6202

And, if I just can’t handle it… I can always put on that awesome gold shrug!


Modesty is always in good taste 🙂

I like all three of these pieces because they can be worn together or separately.

Like with a tank and a pair of jeans

I have a feeling these might be some new favorites 🙂


To see the other gals’ Maxi or Dress refashions, click here. Voting is open until next Friday at midnight.

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