Refashion Runway: Challenge 2

This week’s challenge in the Refashion Runway, my friends, was Gingham. Gingham is pretty hot right now. It’s trending all the fashion runways and is appearing in several a designer’s current line.

My biggest challenge was finding Gingham for .99 cents! I saw a plethora of gingham print I wanted to get my hands on at the .99 cent Goodwill sale last week… but none of it bore the .99 cent sales sticker… Yes, even when the entire refashioning blogosphere is onlooking, still, I will NOT back off from my .99 cent rule. I just won’t do it.

Luckily, I found this in the “Scrubs” section after an hour of looking.

It’ll have to do… time is of the essence.

I got to work by resizing it. I used a favorite dress (also a refashion, of course!) of mine for the job.


I cleaned up the side edges with a serger:

So much more polished than using a sewing machine.
So much more polished than using a sewing machine.

I wanted to break up the gingham a little bit, so I found a garment in my stash that I bought solely for the lace… (we all know how I’m just a little obsessed with lace) 😉 and I made a sleeve.

I cut the “cap” free hand.

I sewed the unfolded long edge of the sleeves down (RST). Then, I sewed a basting stitch (which is just a super long straight stitch with tension set to 0) on the cap of the sleeve. This makes it easier to, uh, “ease” 😉

Pull the thread to gather it, which in this context, is “Easing”

When I put this sleeve into the arm hole of my gingham shirt, this will ensure it fits in case the size of the holes (gingham & lace) are different.

RST, put lace sleeve through armhole.

Pin it:


Put it under the needle and straight stitch it down. This is when a “Free-Arm” comes in handy.

I did my sewing on the Janome Skyline

I stole the bias tape off of the original sleeve of the gingham scrub and harvested it to the bottom sleeve of the lace.

Sew it down

With the scraps of the side seams I cut off in the very beginning, I made an easy sash to tie around my waist.

Gotta make everything even before sewing it together 🙂

I cut a few more inches off the bottom of the shirt and gave it a rolled hem using the Skyline.


C’est fini!





It was blazing hot outside for, like, the first time ALL year in Indiana. Go figure 🙂 I had to make due with the inside photos

I, um, like, totally love this gingam top, you guys!
I, um, like, totally love this gingam top, you guys!
J’adore the lace sleeves…I’m not gonna lie.
Fun angles

2 challenges down… I hope I make it to the next round 🙂 To vote for me in #RefashionRunway3 (<—let’s start a trend!), visit the Renegade Seamstress.


8 thoughts on “Refashion Runway: Challenge 2

  1. Way to go with incorporating lace into this, Laura! Now I’m more sure than ever that gingham and lace are the most perfect match, like ever.

  2. Great job…love the lace sleeves! I like your .99 cent rule. When I participated last year, I had a self imposed “no new shopping, only use from the stash.” It made it more challenging, but then again, I had (and still have), a pretty big stash! Good luck with the competition!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I loved everything you did in season 2, especially your winter white & Halloween refashions. I can’t believe that was all from your stash! Crazy:) The creative genius & frugality of the refashionista boggles my mind! 🙂

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