Refashion Runway: Challenge 1

The week 1 challenge that the Renegade Seamstress bestowed upon me and my 7 competitors for Refashion Runway was to “Combine Floral and Geometric or Stripes.”

For .99 cents… I think this will do.

This shirt actually reminded me a LOT of a refashion I did waaaaaay back. THAT refashion had everything that this challenge required: Floral, geometric and/or stripes. Unfortunately, I can’t just reblog that post because, well, that would be cheating 🙂 Click here if you’d like to see that refashion again.

So, I just used that past refashion as my inspiration for this. I needed a little extra fabric though…


I used the bottom scrap from this refashion I’ve yet to finish… Conveniently enough, it’s floral. I cut it in to strips to get the effect of stripes.


Now, a bit of dissection is in order from my original garment.


I “evened” everything out and used the rest of this fabric to combine with the purple floral.


I’m going to sew them together into strips.

It’s a lovely combination, I think.

I sewed them together using a Baby Lock Esante Sewing Machine.


I guess you could say I quilted these strips together.

It looks remarkably like a skirt at this point but I

This is where the fun part comes in… Much like my past refashion, I used what I call a “cut and paste” method where I cut this piece of fabric into different sections, all on an angle, and sewed them together facing different directions.

When I was satisfied with the look, I finished the bottom edges with a rolled hem.

Baby Lock Enlighten serger is perfect for rolled hems.

And this was the final result!

Why be “Floral and Geometric or Stripes” when you can be all 3? 🙂

I especially like the back.

I like it much better than my inspiration piece, I must confess 🙂

Picture overload to commence:


Nothing on this tunic is symmetric… and I like it that way.




Cutest photobomber ever 🙂 #32yearoldGrandma

And this is my favorite from the bunch

Love the look of the sun shining through.

It’s funky, that’s for sure. But I, personally, really like funky.


To vote for me and my funky tunic in the Refashion Runway click here 🙂

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