Deco Tunic

I LOVE this print!

For .99 cents I can figure some way to make this wearable.

First thing’s first: Turn it inside out.

Happy surprise! This was blind hemmed by hand.
Happy surprise! This was blind hemmed by hand.

I seam ripped that out in about 2 seconds.

Hello, an extra 3 inches!
Hello, extra 3 inches!

This will give me the length (hopefully) to make a sundress. I made some amputations…Goodbye collar, sleeves, and shoulders. Also, I turned the shirt around: The back shall become the front and the front shall become the back.


I marked the fabric from the very top (new) edge and angled it all the way down to the existing bottom corner hem. Basically, I’m making an “A-line” fit.

See the purple markings?
See the purple line?

I sewed right on the purple line (on both sides, of course) with our Imagine serger. Before I could clean up the top raw edge, though, I had to sew down the flaps left over from the front henley-ish neckline. The collar is gone, but I left that in tact…

I used a triple zig zag, which is awesome on stretchy fabric!
Mindful of the buttons underneath, I used a triple zig zag, which is awesome on stretchy fabric!

Now, I can serge the top raw edge.

Straight stitch THAT down.
Fold over, straight stitch, and that’ll be a perfect home for elastic 🙂

After trying this on, I realized that the original back of the shirt would NOT be a good new FRONT of my dress… No “wardrobe malfunctions” today if you know what I mean. Easy fix: just wear the buttons in the front like you’re supposed to.



I’m still not super comfortable showing off too much thigh so I put on some leggings (and a sweater to cover my arms…) and I headed out to see my #4 brother who’s visiting from Florida.


My niece gave me a makeover too 🙂

Why use 1 color nail polish when you can use 12?


And here it is without the sweater


One of these days I’ll be brave and wear it sans cardigan and leggings… In the meantime, it’s a rather cute tunic a mon avis 😉


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