Easy No Sew times 2

When I say “No Sew” I mean ready off the rack. This is probably best categorized as a “Consignment Shop Wonder.”

In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Shirt and Jeans. CSWs šŸ™‚

That’ll be $2

As you can see, this met with tragedy right off the bat. A coffee malfunction prompted me to go home and change within the first 2 hours of wearing this. Thank God coffee washes out… and it didn’t get on any of the white. I honestly don’t even know why I bother wearing white at all #Klutz

After it all washed out, this turned out to be a new favorite

Visiting with my 100 year old Grandmother

She is the definition of “True Grit”! Seriously.

3 generations of awesome.
3 generations of awesome.

Hubs and I even entertained in our new house for the first time!

Sidebar: I wonder how long I’m allowed to keep calling it our “New” house…

Still not completely finished...but we're getting there
Still not completely finished…but we’re getting there

Our furniture isn’t here yet but I got all the curtains made/hung šŸ™‚ I published a tutorial on those a while ago, but I didn’t mention how I made the top and bottom hem. I will finally publish a tutorial on that soon.

DIY frames & mirrors from my Nanny & Papaw’s SUPER old pictures.

Our patio was even ready to entertain for the fourth!

11692736_10153422732749643_2894414212792528267_n - Copy
We can see the fireworks very nicely from here.

Like, seriously, I wear this shirt all the time…

11659550_10153055781546985_655323337698450610_n - Copy
Caught in my addiction…

Not to be whatever, but my nose looks amazing in this picture! Dr. Shadfar did me good! šŸ™‚

My niece gave me this necklace :) #LoveHer
My niece gave me this necklace šŸ™‚ #LoveHer

Going to work, visiting Grandma, entertaining outside, drinking coffee… this shirt and jeans combo is a winner. No sewing required! Sometimes, I just wanna throw something on, ya know?

Hope everyone had a great 4th!


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