Tulip Back Blouse

This beauty was only .25 cents at my favorite new thrift store!


I entertained the notion of making a funky new cocktail dress, but when I couldn’t zip this up over my bazoongas I went to plan B.

There is no way I'm seam ripping through that!
There is no way I’m seam ripping through that!

Instead, I cut it off from the bodice.


There’s a lot going on in this dress: the matching bolero jacket, the zipper (which I did seam rip out. I might get brave and put it in something else), that stupid bow tie thing, and the front “tulip” hem. Did you notice it in the before picture? Go ahead and look again.

The tulip hem in the front is what inspired me to make a blouse out of this material.

Look how much more there is after you iron it?
Look how much more there is after you iron it

Do you see the slit in the middle of the fabric? That’s where the zipper was. I decided this was going to be my lovely new V-neck.

A few months ago, in a moment of pure hatred and frustration, I threw out every single pattern I ever owned! What are the odds I needed that pattern now? That’s how it goes. I do so hate patterns… Luckily though, another sewing instructor at my Job #1 had one of her dresses on display. I used that as my pattern.

I simply cut around the dress.
I simply cut around the dress.

This dress looked a little bit bigger than my size (at least I thought so… looks can be deceiving…). Better to have too much fabric than not enough.

I situated the remaining scraps into a tulip shape:

This was originally the front of the dress.
This was originally the front of the dress.

I see this tulip effect a lot and decided to go for it. I used Pat’s dress, yet again, for the pattern. This time, I put it face down.

I put Pat's dress face down to get the "back" part of the pattern.

I was scared to death I would mess this up, so I decided to sew the back piece to the new front piece. I’ll clean up all the raw edges later…

Right sides together.
Right sides together.

I sewed the side seams down with our Imagine Serger, but something told me to sew the shoulders with just a straight stitch. I’m glad I did because I noticed right away that something was a little “off”

What the heck?
What the heck?

I seam ripped it out and readjusted.

Much better!
Much better!

I’m “Disney” pointing to the extra fabric. I cut it off, of course.

This refashion took forever! There was so much altering I had to do to this sucker. I thought I was going to give up, so I don’t have any pictures of me robbing the sleeves (and de-poofifying them!) from the bolero jacket and inserting them in to my new top… or of me finishing all the raw edges… or of me giving the final shirt a shortened hem…


In the end though, it turned out great! πŸ™‚



I actually really love it! It was dressy enough to wear to church Sunday morning; and casual enough to head to my folks’ place to celebrate Father’s Day & my dad’s birthday.

Well said, #3
Well said, #3
Dad’s not the only “father” in the house.


I adore the back

Tulip :)
Tulip πŸ™‚
All the kids are here, dad.
We’re all here for you, dad.

Our #4 up and moved to Florida… Totally jealous, actually. He was there in spirit.

I have no idea what's happening
I have no idea what’s happening

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day (And a great birthday if the calendar “falls” that way for you).


Earrings: Charming Charlie

Jeans: LOFT

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