Kitchen Curtains

Muffin and I moved in to our new house last September. We absolutely LOVE it! Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my new house.

It’s been 9 months since the move and we’re STILL personalizing it with little updates. Our most recent project is the kitchen.

Modeling my 10 below shirt

Would you believe this is the ONLY “before” pic I have of my kitchen? Talk about a fail…

I’d like to draw your attention to the curtains. I made these pre-blog for my condo that I lived in 9 years prior to our new home. The ceilings weren’t as high in the condo, so when we hung them up in the new house they were obviously too short. Not a good look.

When we started to finally paint this dining area, we took down the curtains and I seized the moment to add length

This is just black scrap fabric that we had for sewing demos at work.

I cut the black fabric to match the width, but I had to match up the seams as well.


Pin black raw edge over

"Matched" :)
“Matched” 🙂

The black fabric is not actually pinned to the curtain yet, so I just sewed this selvage edge down with a straight stitch on our Janome 6600P


I repeated this for the other side of the black fabric and I was left with a big square.

I’ve folded it in half, lengthwise

Very crudely, I cut along the fold to give me 2 pieces.


The plan is to now sew this to the bottom of my curtains, right? To ensure that these would be long enough, I actually seam ripped out the blindhem on the curtains, first.

There is no way this puppy is going to be too short!
There is no way this puppy is going to be too short!

Then I pinned the black fabric to the now longer geometric fabric, right sides together.


And sew them together.


I did this with both panels and then I set the machine up to do a rolled hem and finished the bottom raw edge of the black fabric.

Normally, I would do a blindhem stitch but I was feeling kind of lazy 🙂 I just wanted to get it done.

Raw edge goes right in the foot. No measuring, no fuss #lazy 🙂

Give it a good press.


And guess what, folks? A longer curtain is born.


Notice anything else different about our Dining area?


I’d definitely say there’s enough length there…


Now in the gorgeous morning light



It’s the paint color 🙂 You’re looking at “Brown Buzz” by Lowe’s. Yes, yes it may look more like a silver sage but it’s called “Brown Buzz.”  We got this can of paint with a coupon, of course. It also had a rebate with it. So, we got a pretty good deal on this.

One more look.
One more look.

Muffin was vehemently against this idea! He wanted to leave the panels short. He thought that adding a black panel to the bottom for length would look cheap and “crafty.”



I win!

…as usual 😉

I bought the geometric fabric from Jo-Ann about 3 summers ago… but I think they still have it. I forget how many yards it was, but the total was around $40. The black fabric was completely free, so this upgrade cost me nothing. For custom made curtains, $40 still isn’t too shabs!

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