Plaid CSW

It’s been a busy Spring at the Hargrove household: I had my surgery, our middle son is graduating & we’re planning his open house, Muffin’s been closing on the sale of houses, and a lot of other things have been happening. I’ve not been in the mood to sew much lately.

When I saw my favorite local consignment shop was having its “End of Season” sale, I immediately stopped to look.

Purple tag items: $2

A Consignment Shop Wonder, CSW 😉

Confession: I kinda have a love/hate history with plaid (it’s a long story, but we’ll just leave it at that). I’m also a little obsessed with lace. For $2, I couldn’t pass up this ready-to-wear item that had my 2 favorite textiles in it.

Short sleeves :(
Short sleeves 😦

I still refuse to wear short sleeves… My vanity just won’t let me do it. So,  I just took my seam ripper to the thread that held this cuff in place.

Bye, bye, bye sleeve.
Bye, bye, bye short sleeve.

This added a few extra inches of flabby arm coverage.

Yah, longer sleeve!
Yah, longer sleeve!

NOW, my $2 shirt is ready to wear for a busy Friday that started bright and early at my Surgeon’s office for my one month check-up.


Dr. Shadfar thinks my nose is looking good enough to put on his website portfolio! But there’s still some swelling so it won’t be for another few months. To help said swelling subside, he gave me a steroid shot IN. MY. NOSE… I don’t remember that being part of the deal! Or maybe I was too doped up on Percocet to recall that conversation… regardless, it was a little uncomfortable. What can ya do? The Dr. “nose” best 😉

Later that evening we went to my middle step-son’s high school graduation ceremony.

Feeling old is really sinking in right about now.
Feeling old is really sinking in right about now.
Nose bleed section selfie with the Hubs… and very bored grandson 🙂

After Stewart was handed his diploma, we waited for him outside on the grassy knoll.

Merrik and Papaw 
Nice, kitty.
Nice, kitty.


The graduate and proud Papa!
...and the ornery younger brother.
…and the ornery younger brother.

I never thought I’d be a step-mother to 3 boys, or a step-grandmother by the age of 29 when I married my sexy older gent. But, I love these guys! I’m so proud of all my “kids.”

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