Memorial Day Dress

When I saw this for .99 cents, I had no intention of making it a “Memorial Day” dress. I liked the print, and I thought it would be pretty easy to revamp. Also, I was starting to get cabin fever from my surgery recovery, hence my bruised and battered looking state.

8 days of laying on my back with ice over my eyes was driving me crazy! I had to take this pic to give me something to do.

In case it’s not blatantly obvious that this attire was made with a teacher in mind (no offense to teachers), the decorative buttons drive this fact home.


They’re kinda cute. I almost feel bad about taking them off.


I seam ripped off the side tie thingies while I was at it too. There were 2 on each side of the dress, which I thought was pretty weird… But, now I can start fitting the dress.

Take in the sides and raise the shoulders.
Take in the sides and raise the shoulders.

I sewed my new sides down on our Baby Lock Aria.


And then I made a couple of chops… cuts, that is.


Then, I sewed the shoulder straps.

and cut the excess off afterward.
and cut the excess off afterward.

I like that the bobbin case lid/cover, has seam allowance and needle position markings on it.

I finished the bottom with an easy rolled hem.


I didn’t see a rolled hem foot in the Aria’s accessory box… I’m sure they make a rolled hem foot for that machine but since I was in a hurry, I just used our Janome 7330 for this step.


The skirt part was still a little full, but I like the way this turned out.

To go with the patriotic theme, I paired it with a cranberry cardigan, my wine colored Priya shoes, and a bubble necklace.



I’m on a dress kick, lately. I’m not sure why… I’ve never been a “dress” kind of gal but they’re growing on me. They are pretty comfortable, I must admit. And with a pair of leggings I can be as unladylike as I want to be in my sitting positions 🙂

My nieces brought homemade play-do…yes, yes it is “flesh” tone :/

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. It was my first “Monday” holiday off in three years. Not working, sleeping in, having family time… none of that would be possible if it weren’t for the men and women who sacrificed. I’m definitely grateful for that.


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