Remnant Shrug

Hello everybody!  After a week of suffering post-op, and then a wobbly week after that trying to get back to my self much sooner than body wanted me to, I’m back. It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but I am on the mend and my new nose (though still swollen) is looking fabulous! I wanted to show it off for our family’s observance of Mother’s Day this weekend. I thought an easy-going shrug would do the job.

It started off looking like this:

That’ll be 75% off of the sale price, please.

Recognize the top fabric? I’ve already made some awesome (I think) pillow cases out of that. But today’s shrug was made out of the middle remnant. I Love the turquoise color and palm branch-ish print on it.

Unfortunately, there was much less of it than I thought…


It’s looks big but there’s less than a full yard here. I really wanted to make my favorite style kimono with this fabric, but there just wasn’t enough… So, I had to come up with a plan B.

I began by cleaning up the 2 long raw edges with a rolled hem.

Say hello to the NEW Janome DC2015!
Say hello to the NEW Janome DC2015!

Then, I folded it in half length wise (Right sides together).


And I pinned it (on the unfolded side), from the outside corners in, leaving a gap in the middle. The gap is where my arms will fit through. It ended up being about 16″.

Just a simple straight stitch.

I prefer to secure my seams with a locking stitch, as opposed to a back stitch. On this machine, I can actually select a stitch that will begin and end with a locking stitch. That’s especially nice because than I don’t have to take my hands away from my project to manually push the locking stitch button.

#02, specifically.
#02, specifically.

Once that was done, I was finished! I didn’t even finish the outside edges because they were the selvage, and I thought they looked pretty cool as-is.

Easiest shrug ever!


I was ready to head to my folks’ place for a belated Mother’s Day cookout.

My professional chef sister-in-law MADE that cheesecake!!! Ermergersh!

That puppy was as amazing as it looked and worth every. single. calorie!

With our #4 brother and sister-in-law back from Florida we decided to have an epic photo op.


I have the best family ever!


Not bad for my first refashion since the big “event.” 🙂

My new nose is amazeballs :)
My new nose is amazeballs 🙂

It’s actually going to take a full year before the true shape of my new nose comes to fruition. The week after my surgery was awful; 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. No joke.  My surgeon said that my nose was much worse than he thought. All the damaged cartilage crumbled like sand when he “got in there” in the O.R. He had to completely rebuild my nose.

But it was all worth it 🙂 I’m so happy I can breathe again… and so happy that I have a pretty nose out of the accident. I guess there’s a happy ending to the story after all.


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