Exciting news for Accidental Seamstress!

Sorry kids, but I have narry a Refashion today. I’ve been a little pre-occupied with my impending Rhinoplasty. This Monday, as in the day after tomorrow, I’m going under the knife!


The day after my freak accident in February.

Confession: I’m kind of excited about it 🙂 Not only is the inimitable Dr. Shadfar going to fix the bone poking out of my nose and fix my severely deviated septum… he’s also going to make it pretty too.  I mean, hey, he’s in there fixing it… might as well make it look good while we’re at it, right?

Good bye HUGE bump!

ALSO, the lovely Andie Mitchell from Can You Stay For Dinner has partnered with Yahoo! in a weekly series of weight loss success stories. I read her own weight loss success story on yahoo and was inspired to share mine. Long story short, she’s going to be featuring my story on Yahoo! YAHOO, people! 🙂

When I’ve not been shopping for peroxide or gauze, I’ve been filling out my interview questions and trying to find my best fat pictures from my former life as a 230lbs person.

A lot of exciting things going on.

I don’t know exactly when my story will go live on Yahoo! but I’ll keep you posted. As for my beautiful new (and functional) nose, I’ll definitely be sharing “Before & After” pictures of that as soon as the swelling goes down 😉

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