Eclipse Kimono

Green is my favorite color. That is the only reason I picked this up for .99 cents.


I kinda knew that I wanted to make a sun dress out of this one. I picked up a lot of items earlier this year that I was going to wear for Summer. I was going to get my “sleeveless” on for the first time in my life. Before February 26, I had planned to have an arm lift to remove loose skin on my, uh, arms. I had it set up on the calendar. I signed the papers and everything… and then I broke my nose in a freak accident. Now, I have to have nose surgery and wait (God only knows how long) before I have the means to have the arm surgery 😦 So ALL my refashions I purchased with the intent to be cute and sleeveless now have to be modified and I’m more than a little upset/mad/bitter/fill-in-the-blank about it.

I wasn’t sure WHAT I wanted to make of this. Then I saw this tutorial pop up on pinterest:

Courtesy of the lovely Merrick of Merrick’s Art.

What the heck? What’s one more Kimono, right?

I cut the skirt part away from the top part of the dress, just under the elastic.


To make it in to 2 even pieces, I cut off a little length

See? Not much. Just didn't want to deal with an extra  existing seam to contend with.
See? Not much. I didn’t want to deal with an extra existing seam.

I put the 2 pieces next to each other.


I pinned, and then sewed the two middle raw edges (right sides) together using our Baby Lock Eclipse Serger.


Every other step I followed to the letter (believe it or not). I only did this modification so that my material would match up to Merrick’s first step.

I used the Eclipse for every single bit of sewing on this. Since I didn’t use stretchy knit fabric like Merrick did (so I guess I didn’t follow it to the letter, huh?) I went ahead and finished the front seams with a rolled hem.

This is where things got intense!
This is where things got intense!

I trimmed the excess threads and was finished.

It took me a little bit longer than 30 minutes… had I used knit fabric I could’ve saved some time.


I have to admit I really like how this turned out. Sidebar: This black cami is a pre-blog refashion. I used the scrap of this on a recent refashion, if you’ll remember 🙂

I wore this Kimono to my family Easter Dinner.

Happy Easter (observed).
Happy Easter (observed).

Everyone seemed to be ill on Easter itself, so this was our rescheduled Dinner….It rained ALL day.


But that’s not going to stop us from eating!


Or having an Easter Egg hunt in the basement…


I’m a little upset that the final product didn’t “translate” very well in these pictures. This really is a pretty cool kimono. I would definitely recommend trying it. Merrick usually has easy to follow instructions for us Pattern-challenged seamstresses.

My absolute favorite part of this ensemble, though, is my watch!


My parents bought this for me when they were in Switzerland for a business trip in 1998. I didn’t really care for it at the time (minus the color) but I absolutely LOVE it now. The flap opens to reveal the watch face. It’s fun how our styles change over the years, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, I digress 🙂


Just to give you an update, I’m having surgery on my nose on May 4th. I’m pretty nervous about it. I’m going to be under for a while, which always scares me. You hear horror stories of people being “awake” during a surgery and it freaks me out. I actually told my anesthesiologist for my last surgery I was scared about that very thing. She laughed and said, “You need to stop watching TLC.” True story.

Bone is poking through the top tip of my nose and my septum is completely situated in my right nostril now, so Dr. Shadfar has a lot of work to do to repair the damage. Also, I had to take out a personal loan and use my car as collateral for the procedure because my health insurance is jacked up. It just seems to be one thing after another. 2015 hasn’t been kind to me and muffin.

Thank God, though, I WAS able to get this loan. And, I am otherwise healthy. So, I’m going to look on the bright side.

And, I WILL have pretty, non-flabby arms. I don’t know when! But, I will. So, forgive me for being a bit moody lately.. and thanks for letting me give you this update. I’m sure it’s way too much information…

If you would, though, remember me in your thoughts and prayers. I would appreciate it 🙂

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