Priya Dansko Shoe Review

Hey, guess what? It’s Spring! Sure, I may have the heater in my office cranked on right now. Yes, it’s gloomy & rainy at the moment… but Spring IS here. And Spring in Indiana is beautiful.

My favorite part of Spring are the smells; love the smell of rain, lilacs, and freshly mowed grass. Ahhh…

Oh, and the shoes!

I know, I know. I digress.

Goodbye, Winter boots. Hello, Sandals!


This season’s model is the lovely Priya Sandal.

As you may know, I purchased my first pair of Dansko’s last summer. I was suffering from raging Plantar Fasciitis and I’d heard excellent reviews about Dansko shoes from other bloggers. I invested in “Prima” and I’ve been hooked on Dansko ever since.  If you’ve ever had a foot ailment, you know the struggle is real and that the investment in comfortable shoes is worth its weight in gold.

Here’s what I love about my new Priya Sandals:

Arch support
Arch support

Most sandals or flip flops have a flimsy and FLAT sole for your feet to rest. Not Priya. The arch support is amazing, and the sole is made of cork to give your feet that cushion they so desperately need.  Think about it. Our feet bare the weight of our bodies all day, every day… That’s a hard job!

Better yet, the cork is also firm. It helps stabilizes your feet for proper alignment with the rest of your body. It’s miraculously firm and cushion-y at the same time.

Proper alignment is good

Okay, moving on.

Memory foam cork


That cork also has a “memory foam foot bed.” You can see the indentations where my toes rest. These sandals will conform to your foot shape. Like any really good quality shoe, it does take a day or two to “work” these in. Once you do, though, they fit every little indentation & curve of your foot perfectly.

Something else I really like, is the bottom of the shoe.

Bottom grippers


Though these aren’t technically defined as “slip resistant” shoes, the jagged foot bed helps grip the ground underneath you.  I’ve worn these shoes in the rain (which has been ALL Spring so far in Indiana) and I’ve not slipped once 🙂

Side vent


You can see a better closeup of that arch support & the cork here, but there’s also a “vent” where my thumb is. That’s nice because this is yet another way these shoes are custom to your feet. I have super small feet but they’re a little bit wide, and I have a bit of a cankle situation… all that to say, this vent helps make the shoe larger to accommodate for the larger parts of your feet, should you have any 🙂

I’ve worn these out and about for weeks testing them out and I honestly don’t have a single complaint.

I chose them in this fun wine color but they’re available in orange, blue, black, and other neutral colors. They can be dressed up or down, and they “go” with just about everything.

Like, an Easter dress.


Or, out and about for a casual day off


They’re amazeballs with skinny jeans and completely work appropriate.


You can just wear them as a “slipper” around the house.


As you can see they’re quite versatile. And, these are just a few of the reasons why I like them (functionally speaking).  I haven’t even mentioned the vain, girly reasons why I like them: Like, they’re just really cute, and I’m mad about that “gladiator” look the uppers have going on!

I’ve gone 2 Summers without wearing a sandal. So, I’m extra excited about these shoes! Thanks to Dansko’s Priya, even I can have cute shoes that don’t kill my feet.

If you want to check out their other sandals, mosey on over to their website. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

2 thoughts on “Priya Dansko Shoe Review

  1. I just bought the dansko sandal. Love the fit but concerned the suede bottom will be ruined in the rain. You said you’ve worn them in the rain and they did OK. Did the suede not get dirty looking?

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