Ladder Stitch Tshirt dress

My 2 younger brothers are quite the studs (not that my older brother isn’t...). They workout like it’s their job and they’re super fond of attending body building events like the “Arnold Classic” just to name one. It’s a chance for them to bond with other workout-a-holics, stock up on free samples of nutritious wonders, and…. even get a free T-shirt or two 🙂

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

I am SO not a “metabolic man” or woman…  but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a FREE Elvis inspired t-shirt!

I saw something on pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot. I folded the white T in half (inside out) and put one of my best fitting T’s on top of it as a pattern (also inside out).


Then I cut…

Should be fool-proof, right?
Should be fool-proof, right?

I immediately took the Tshirt to our Imagine Baby Lock Serger. We’re going to have some fun sewing this side seam!

This is seriously the most amazing serger, ever!
This is seriously the most amazing serger, ever!

I set it up to do a Ladder stitch, and I used extra thick “Aurifil” thread. Sergers (good ones) can handle this heavier weight thread, no problem.

When I was done, this is what the needle thread looked like:


And this is what the White thread I used in the lower looper looked like:


Pretty nifty, right? That’s the beauty of a serger with 2 thread capabilities… you can use, er, um, only two threads 🙂

When I turned the shirt right side out, this is what happened to the red thread:

Looks like a ladder, no? :)
It “pulls apart” from the shirt… Looks like a ladder, no? 🙂

I finished the raw new sleeve “caps” with a rolled hem using the same thread. Rolled hems require 3 threads, so I had to use another spool and re-thread it for rolled hemming.


Because it’s stretchy, the seam has a “lettuce leaf” effect.

The outcome wasn’t too shabbs for a 5 minute refashion!


It may be a weeeeeeee bit small. Oh well, that’s what jackets are for.

Close up of the "ladder"
Close up of the “ladder”

I paired it with a Michael Jackson-esque jacket that I got at Carson’s on MEGA “yellow dot” sale a couple summers ago.


I love spring (when we have one) #Indiana
I love spring (when we have one) #Indiana

I wore this shirt dress/tunic thingy to church Sunday morning. I did receive compliments on it 🙂

And it was perfect for lounging at home on a most appreciated day off

Law & Order: SVU marathon. Oh yeah, baby.
Law & Order: SVU marathon. Oh yeah, baby.

If you don’t have a serger capable of 2 thread serging, you can easily do this embellishment with a “flat lock” stitch on a 3 thread serger. I just might try that next time so you can see. But this is definitely a fun way to take an otherwise “boring” resize and make it fun.


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