Wool Blazer: Part 2

Remember the wool blazer I turned in to a vest that I wore to Grandma’s 100th birthday bash?

Ringing a bell?

Even though Muffin challenged me to make a vest… I decided to get a little creative (after getting an idea from this “Thread banger” tutorial) šŸ˜€ It’s a 2 minute video, just watch it.

I made a cape from the bottom scrap of the blazer I cut off (from the pockets down, basically). Per the tutorial, I pinned pleats in the scrap.


The pockets got in the way, so I only pleated the very back… and a little bit in the front of the scrap:


I had to sew it down, obviously šŸ™‚


Our Janome 8900 went through it like butter šŸ™‚

I trimmed off any extra fabric to make the seam allowances nice and clean. And for my next trick which I did NOT blatantly copy from the tutorial, I sewed a button on to the cape. It’s gotta be able to stay on the vest, right? The tutorial recommended snaps, but I didn’t have any so… button it is!


No pics, but I sewed this button on to the LINING side of the cape and I sewed a buttonhole on the nape of the neck of the vest. Get it?

It’s a perfect fit!

And this was the outcome:

Kinda hurts to smile full throttle…

Woke up Saturday morning to a bouquet of flowers from my mom and dad šŸ™‚ How nice!

Back view…
Side view…

Notice a couple things missing from our living room?? We sold off most our furniture. It’s time for a different configuration for the new floor plan… we’re pairing down. Although, we should probably put that money into our new “medical expense” file instead… hmm.

Looks a lot different.

On the upside, this will bring in many an exciting Home Edition refashions šŸ™‚ Stay tuned.

So what do you think? Which way do you like it better?


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