Vday Dress

When I saw this dress at Psi Iota Xi for .50 cents, I thought It’d be a perfect summer dress

Tag still in tact on lapel.

I rarely wear dresses, so this decision was big deal for me. I decided to go ahead and work on it now, so I wouldn’t change my mind before summer came around.

I chopped off 13″ from the bottom.

Hem the bottom raw edge.


Our Janome 9900 had beautiful red thread already to go so why not just use that? 🙂 #Lazy

I didn’t take pictures of me painstakingly ironing, pinning, and ironing some more… this material was really thin. I probably should have used a stabilizer or interfacing of some sort. Maybe next time.

The fit was pretty good so this was the only alteration I did to it.


…I couldn’t wait ’til Summer to wear it 🙂


How cute would this be for a Valentine’s Day outing with Hubs? I put on some tights (which were fleece lined and SUPER warm!), some boots…

…and a sweater. It’s COLD out, yo.

Hubs and I went to church on Sunday, went out to eat, exchanged gifts and smooches, and enjoyed the day off 🙂

Matchy-matchy with our geek chic glasses.

Everyday is Valentine’s day with muffin 🙂

Hope you and yours enjoyed the day as much as we did


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